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Do Healers Attract those in need ?

Does a healer automatically attract those who need healing?

"In my opinion, those who are supposed to be helped by a healer automatically connects in a lifetime. Many souls contract before birth of a meeting as a healer-client. During HART, trance, few of my clients have verified this. I had contracted with those clients as souls, that I will help them along their path".

Can a healer bring cleansing, healing automatically in a client ?

"This I would like to explain metaphorically. The vessel needs to be ready to receive too.

A clay pot, not dried or cracked will not hold water, but a dried one, without cracks would.

The healer does the work with complete depth and intention, but the absorber (client) readiness to receive, leads to a consequence as to how the healing will be received and accordingly the client begins to heal.

The client may be good, bad, in pain, happy etc... It absolutely doesn't matter who the client is as per the judgment or interpretation of his personality traits... all that matters is, is the client ready to surrender himself to heal to learn, to grow... "

Here the will within is very important.

So how do intentions impact healing ?

"Some clients choose therapy to get rid of a court order, some come to show their partners they are getting help, so that the partner doesn't leave , so here we see the intention of the client is not to heal, the 'will' is not to heal, but to find an easy short cut solution, so here we see that the purpose of healing is diluted and actual healing might be absent or very slow in that client.

So I say it again for true healing, 'The vessel has to be ready'."

Renuka Gupta, PhD, RP, CHT, PLRT

HART Founder



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