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Ego, Materialism & Money, Diabetes

The Ego

One realizes the ego and also know from where it is coming. When it is an ego, the concepts change, there are statements that are more mean, the statements that are only one sided view of the situation, as the ego only gives preference to themselves. It is the ego that needs to be satisfied than anybody else. 

When it is the higher beings/God giving you the messages, it is a perspective of the human life from all the directions. The past, present and the future is taken care of, and the messages that are relayed are in the form of Love. 

Being a Survivor , being a Victim

Work needs to be done before one reaches the goal or purpose of Life. When you see yourself from a victim perspective or a survivor of the episode, you still have to be more rational, because all your experiences was not a coincidence, it was the plan. But wheh you held on to those experieinces and did not nullify it, did not complete your karma with it, you did not complete what it was meant to teach you. You bring back to re-living those experiences time and again. 

Letting go, releasing is a rational concept to deal with it.

Diabetes as a disease

How do humans create it within their body as a disease?

Diabetes is a disease that entered with materialism in the earth's plane. When the time of renaissance happened and the superstition was changed into materilism, materials at first were cherished amd valued. Gradually as time passed and as money started becoming important and relationships as well as emotions became secondary the value of material increased tremendously. With a want to have more and more, there was a concept of lack that entered in everybodys life. 

In earlier times, even if a man or a family who had less, would still cherish with what they had, because every part of living was valued. However when it was materialism, material in the house, the usage of them, the showcasing of them became all the more important, and hence as lack creeped in, there was a concept of not having enough which impacted the emotional body. This led to one being in sadness constantly and not being happy which led to the pancreas to stop working efficiently or were intruded in their work. 

The feeling of unhappiness of not having enough in any domain and also the materialism no longer stayed as one concept rather it overpowered every aspect of human living. The sadness and unhappiness became the major cause of not digesting what was naturally being digested, which led to this prolonged disease, and something which is found, one in every five person on earth. 

The animals have become the victim of this same materialism, it started from the rich as these animals were also given more to eat and enjoy their life with, but given less of love and as we know. All any being needs is just Love, love from each other.

Person, animal or plant just needs food enough to fill in the stomach. Not having the excess of it, will still make one happy. But now with the excess of everything there is loss of love. Everything is valued or loved when there is materials provided.  

Love has to be coming from the heart and to reach the other persons heart. It is the same woth all the beings on earth. 

Diabetes, when it takes its form, tells you time and again, that you need to be loving towards others and towards ur self, accept Love. 

Money and Materialism

All need to start meditating on their heart. Materialism is just a part of living, and not everything. 

Money never stays with one person, and so it is called energy. 

A person who earns lot of it, when he dies the money will move onto others. Money has its role to play in this era and there were earlier guidances which said, money will also lose its importance on earty gradually, but at the moment it has to go to the peak, so that everybody is working towards money, so that contribution from every side is important, to ultimately break this cycle of constant want for money. 

As a healer you have to charge, as you need to reach out to more people, as that is what your role is and as everybody is responding to money. When you charge you will be able to reach to more, and then those will spread light onto others around.

One needs to raise ones vibrations as the universe is completely abundant and it shall flow where it is required.

For you (Therapist) your operative state is different, I see your roots in golden color and you are producing golden fruits and flowers, so there is richness inside you. 

Therapist - I see money as richness inside people. 

Seeker (client) - They also need to reflect on that. You can open them to this view of seeing richness inside them, as that is Money. 

As time comes, we will let you know more, right now we are only giving you a glimpse of it. 

Renuka Gupta, Phd

Using HART Teachnique, a seeker reveals in deep trance as a message from God/Masters, Saints, Higher souls. 🙏



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