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Ending it all .... ~ Video

End is Nearing.....

Watch the Video :

A Little Explanation by the Author 👇:

🙏🏻 Spread it...... Help others...... Be blessed.


What I sensed (First circular pic below) and as per Swami Yogananda books on google ( Second blue pic) 🙏, the Yugas are depicted below in Image form. Nature says it all. It is after the deepest Darkest Moment, the Sun Rises, and then a new day begins, and the day goes on in stages

(Afternoon, evening, night) and it sets again. Which is how the Yugas were said/Sensed. From Iron Age (Kal Yuga )to Golden age (Satt Yuga ) and back to Iron age.

Blessings 🙏🔱

Questions from Viewers:


The video was quite deep indeed !

I am just curious to know that the messages which are received from universe.. how & when do you receive them & how does it feel while & after you have received them ?

Also as far as I know about " you" you do receive messages in general and for particular people or person as well.. so talking about particular person.. those messages also come to you suddenly or you do have to concentrate & think about the person & you receive them..

*Ans* -

When I receive, I do not know that I am receiving a message, and so I do not know how I feel when I receive it. After relaying the message out for others welfare, I feel good.

When the information is received, my thoughts come to my awareness, and there is a need to write it down or say it and spread the message.

I am not the giver of those messages, rather there is nothing unique in my human form to be the receiver....I am humbled to be a part of the process....🙏🏻🌱

For particular/individual people, the messages come when a question is asked by that person, the answers are more spontaneous, rather immediate without attaching my analysis or thought ( my mind) into it.

Sometimes messages come in Early mornings, i.e. Soul Journeys: by connecting to those souls who is now in human form on Earth around me.

Sometimes messages come suddenly, where that person comes to the mind, and I see a thought or emotion associated to that person.

Sometimes messages arise for some people by looking at a thing or a place, or when a situation is occuring in my own world.

Once again it is not something I control, It is something which is spontaneously flowing without my attention. 🙏🏻

Blessings. 🪷

Extra Information from Google 👇 :

In the chronology of Saint Jerome, the Golden Age lasts c. 1710 to 1674 BC, the Silver Age 1674 to 1628 BC, the Bronze Age 1628 to 1472 BC, the Heroic Age 1460 to 1103 BC, while Hesiod's Iron Age was considered as still ongoing by Saint Jerome in the fourth century AD.

Below information is Courtesy from Slide Share:

What is a yuga?

A cycle of yugas ( ages/eras) is called as Kalpa ( Life Cycle) There are four yugas in the Kalpa.

Satya yuga Satya yuga [Golden age] is the first of the four yugas. It is also known as Kritha yuga. The first four Avatars Matsya,Kurma,Varaha and Narasimha came in this yuga

Treta yuga Treta yuga [Silver age] is the second of the four yugas. The second three Avatars Vamana,Parashurama and Sri Rama came in this yuga.

Dwapara yuga Dwapara yuga [Bronze age] is the third of the four yugas The third two Avatars Krishna and Balarama came in the yuga.

Kali yuga Kali yuga [Iron age] is the last of the four yugas The tenth Avatar,Kalki is going to come in this yuga.


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