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Experiences of a Human in a soul form....

Information obtained from seekers (clients) under regression....

My role keeps shifting, as per the subtle changes I undergo as a human without my knowledge. The changes which my soul linked to all souls makes for me.

The message received from a seeker is, my job is to open the souls to the light, since many humans have forgotten their soul path, and are in darkness, without knowing there is a light waiting for them.

A light waiting for them to remember by finding their true selves

The regression sessions done, are no longer the standard past lives as seen by most, rather, it is now shifting more towards healing and opening the souls to the light. 

Many of my seekers are very much aware while they are in trance, that is because, there is a shift in awareness, now most of us realize the truths in conscious awareness, rather than going into a deep somnabulistic states to uncover the past lives and receive messages from the universal higher souls. 

The universal higher souls, are not special power souls, but rather those souls who are not born in any spiritual dimension ( Earth us just one dimension), and stay closer to the spiritual home ( the Source) by will. We each are a higher soul within this physical body. We chose to be born, leaving all that calmness and peace above, for an experience and learning, which is only possible in a Physical body. 

Many spiritual preachers, and those who have had a spiritual experience through near death experience or an awakening by an incidence that had happened in ones life, know that the time has come for the highest shift in our spiritual experience, and it is told that, all the souls who are not born, are waiting to be born during the biggest spiritual shift at the souls level in the up coming 27 years. The entire vibrational frequency of the spiritual realm is undergoing a huge shift on Earth. Souls are in the Journey to ultimately be one with the Source, our home. The seekers describe this place as the brightest white light. When they are entering the spiritual dimensions, all seekers feel asthough they are looking through a tunnel, which us a bit dark, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

For this shift, it is important for souls in a physical form to realize, material, money, status, success has no role to play in this shift. Humans who are still caught up in the idea of life as material and money, will eventually need to be reborn, to understand their true selves and purpose as a soul. In the upcoming 15 years, very few souls in a physical form will be left on earth, who are still yet to find their way back to home. The prediction is in the year 2035. There will be lesser humans, left to find their soul path.

Too many of us have forgotten our soul path. Too many of us are blinded. Many physical forms are surrounded with self or other judgments, anger, guilt, grief..this is because they have forgotten their true soul potential. They have forgotten, they too are the light, and have the free will to turn their life. 

Some even while reading this article would feel, "Oh! what I have gone through, will make anyone feel the way I feel", so if that is how one uses the free will, to see oneself as a victim, then that is the chain one needs to break and move out of.

Feeling a victim for Life....This is also a thought leading to more blindness, a movement in the opposite direction of the Light. 

We need to wake ourselves up, purify our thoughts, behaviors, which also means leave the addictions, obsessions, choose to observe our self everyday, even for ten min in silence. Observe... not judge, not feel, just observe. 

When the seekers under trance are told to open their souls and let the light in, all of the seekers describe this process in the same way, as narrated below. 

" I feel a strong pull, I see my body is surrounded in the white light, I see different colors, sometimes taking a form, I see I am taken care of, loved, I am being embraced, I feel the love flowing through, I feel the calmness, My some parts of the body has strong sensations, asthough something is being healed, repaired, taken care of, I hear the voice telling me......"

Many seekers also see their guardian angels as people who have died in past or recent, these angels are the protector of seekers and their guide for life. Some seekers have guardian angels, as people who are alive, but are in a more higher spiritual vibrational self, they are more aware and closer to the light. 

Before I conclude, I wanted to say that, even those physical forms who are closer to the light, go through different shades of life, pain and peace. The reason why pain remains a part of life, is because, this same pain is present to make the physical form learn aspects to raise its vibration by Love and Compassion for self and others and choose the light. Also coming to realize that this pain which is felt by me, is the pain felt by all beings around us. The repetative words, that we all are the same, it simply means, for one to be happy, we need to see to it, that each being, no matter what form, shape, size or color needs to feel the peace, needs to seek the light....

We are all born, to help each other to reach the light....If you are lost, seek for help first in thoughts and then in action..... Just open yourself up, and you will see other souls in physical form miraculously reaching out to you, and giving you all that you need for you to be in the Light......

The voice of our soul and the higher souls above......

" We are there, you are beautiful just the way you are, we are not angry, we love you just the way you are"

~ Renuka Gupta, PhD

May 2019



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