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Future ahead for all Mankind..

Arch Angel Michael and Queen of Bees

Queen speaks

"Balance in Nature

The nature is coming into deep balance, all the energies that have been constantly coming to this planet, and the ones that will keep coming have a purpose.

Energies who have entered Earth

Am here to talk about the energies who have already entered and doing their work. These energies are constantly restoring balance. While restoring balance there are a lot of things and energies that needs to be eliminated. Those eliminations leads to some tensions arising in a human mind. This elimination is a form of stabilizing these energies on this planet. The aspects that are eliminated are those which are no longer required for any work on this planet.

The coming months

For the coming months the energies are going to be up and down, as there is a cosmic level shift, as well as the Earth is going into its own shift coming together. For all the people, it is very essential to keep their calm.

July Patience

This month, is the month of learning to be patient. The work that you all have been doing in this world with your presence and contributions have all created this shift. You have very actively engaged into that work.

August Surrender, Sit back and Observe

With this new month approaching, it has to be experienced by developing more patience and wait for it's results to show up. The emotional turmoil as well as the physical changes that each human being is facing whether you're conscious about it or not, it is happening. The process needs its own time, to come into its proper functioning and so it is time to just sit back and observe, and not really fight the symptoms which are arising. You may also call it the time of surrender, a surrendering will require a lot of patience, perseverance and tolerance.

Move along with Nature

All of it is now functioning at its peak, and the ones who will break or try to break the natures work shall face difficulties because they are wanting to flow against the tide. While the nature is wanting everybody to move along with it.

Work for larger goodness

Today I have been given this task to relay this message to all mankind, because we the bees are also functioning very actively to maintain this balance of life. As we support your existence it is my (Queen Bee) duty to convey to you that it is your life and now you are supposed to contribute it back to the larger level of goodness in this time.

(Healers of Medical, Energy or any field, now need to be very careful with their work, example quoting a high price for their work (healing or workshops), not doing probono at times to those who cannot afford, is all going against the nature.

Healers focusing more on materialistic needs, and focusing more on financial growth (lavish needs), will soon see that the modalities they use or the workshops they conduct no longer creates healing or imparting knowledge as needed. Currently the energies of the Earth are very powerful, the ones who are going against the flow of nature,need to rethink and bring themselves back to the much needed balance within them and outside them. Working on ones intentions and shedding the Ego has become all the more crucial)

Extinct species

As you already know there have been many many species that have got completely removed from this planet. This process will continue for coming few months. As the waters, will proceed in doing their task, there will be complete evacuation of the beings not required in their form at this particular time.

Human bodies are becoming lighter

(here physical weight is not talked about, it is the energy wise weight)

Moving toward your human body the bodies now feel comparatively light, whether they are aware of it or unaware it, it has already happened.

Toxins of all lifetimes

All the so called toxins, not only from this lifetime but from many lifetimes and all the deeds that you did in this lifetime to learn, have all got erased. So the body which was moving with so much heaviness inside, it now feels happier and full of movement.

Environment is heavy, Codes downloaded

When the stage arises when a body is light and free and the environment is still heavy it is all the more necessary to embrace the value of working with patience and perseverance. The energies at both the level (body and environment) are different. For this many codes and downloads are happening in each body, more into the bodies of people who are aware of this shift.

At times happening without your awareness

Even in the minds of the people who are less aware, the downloads are happening. They have all agreed (as souls, as energies) to participate in this process of shift. In order to maintain the balance there are many layers of energies that are constantly working on you, in and out, removing the evil and lower forms of energies which act as hindrance in the space of working from the heart.

It's a beautiful sight that we beings can see how it is all changing at the energy level.

Faster Manifestations

Interestingly the way it used to be before was that the energy would take a lot of time to be absorbed in body of a person, animal or any other being.
Now with the shifts that have happened and are happening, these energy absorptions are happenning in a fraction of seconds. Although the mind is not very trained to observe such minute details. The ones who have enhanced their Clairs can easily identify how minute by minute the energies are shifting around them. This is all from me about the balance on earth."

Arch angel michael speaks:

Clearing, Protecting, Balancing

"I'm here for clearing, protecting and balancing. We (Arch Angels) respond to the need of every person who connects to us. One thing that I want you to recognize Renuka, is that whenever you seem to be absorbing energies, from something which is not in its own equilibrium, you can openly seek support from all the beings around you. We are just there for your support.

Contract we made as Souls

The only thing that binds us in not coming forth in providing the answers to you (mankind) is the contract that you have made that till the time any human being asks for it we are not supposed to provide . This is the law of earth and its energy field."

Therapist - May all of us go back to the soul home along with you, along with all other beings....

Arch Angel Michael "And so be it."

Renuka Gupta, PhD, HART Founder

Gurjot Kaur, Inter-Intra Galactic Connector (Gratitude for Gurjot's dedication)



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