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Golden beings are back

"We are the Golden beings."

Therapist (T)- Hello once again

Growth on Earth

"There has been tremendous growth on this planet. We see many souls rising, many souls that were disconnected from their existence. The body's that were making them function from a very early manner, have now been connecting to this true source of energy. It is a bright sign for this Earth."

Not many talk of their spiritual ascension

'The soul extensions in the higher realms are feeding them with information for their growth, and this delights us as we see the planet rising so beautifully. Although at the physical awareness level not many have put to talk about their increasing reach, their increasing awarenesses."

Collective work on Kingdom of Earth

"It is all happening collectively, even the ones who were told that functioning at the lower vibrational levels have also tremendously shifted, it is a collective growth. It is the Union of all the souls who have chosen this timeline to be present actively on this plane.

The Earth is very happy, it is rejuvenating, it has a new surge of energy, that is giving it an impetus, to even rise higher and accept the realities of a newer dimension. This in turn also rises the vibrations of every Kingdom on this earth, that is kingdom of humans, animals, birds, minerals, insects of the entire layers of stones and the elements that are present , to the minutest atom on this plane, everything is shifting and it is a beautiful sight from where we see it happening."

Congratulate all beings

"We would take this opportunity as we connect through you, to congratulate every being, everything that exists and is consciously trying 'to make a better living, contributing towards growth and development' ( as quoted in your plane)" Keep creating, Manifesting

"All that we came here today, sad the entire Golden space, is to shower blessings and add on to the color golden, to each over of your life. Whatever is happening at the political, social levels, is all for three goodness of this planet. Whether you can understand the intentions of these people who are executing the paths on this planet or not, it is absolutely okay. All we would suggest is just keep creating your lives. Just keep manifesting all that you want, as energies are all aligned. All the portals on this planet are open."

Physical and emotional ups and downs are okay

"There might be times people might feel rush of energies in their bodies, the might feel like, might have mood swings, all is a part of it and with it. All these experiences are creating a better understanding of your own physical self. The moment you connect with your physical vehicle is when you start your journey very consciously and not at the level of an autopilot."

Autopilot is permanently Off

"Autopilot is permanently off for many and the rising of the souls and the body is at a extreme level, that you cannot even imagine. Each day is a vibrant day and not just a new day. Embrace it, take it together, collect yourself." "Be near children, as they are reflecting the cosmic shifts into their minds and creations. Through their actions you will learn how to make it a part of your life and not be resistant."

Food Patterns changing

"The food patterns will change, the hunger will drop, the planet with other beings apart from humans will also grow. Certain cross will be an extinct v species. That is ok, their work is done, you can cry over it for a while, then let it pass."

New species of Animals

"With some animals and microorganisms on this planet , there will be rise of newer species, but their evolution will only be noticed in the coming years, not in near future. All of it is a collective progress of this planet. We are very happy and delighted to come and connect with you today."

T- Same here. Shower your good to all begins of this universe and shift them collectively. "All is complete. All is divine."

T - Thank you

Renuka Gupta, PhD, using HART Inter-Intra Galactic connector Gurjot Kaur



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