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HART (Healing Above Regression Therapy) TECHNIQUE

HART (Healing Above Regression Therapy) - A Psycho-Hypnotherapy, A Hypno-Spiritual Therapy

Six ways in which a Past Life and the in-between Soul Journey is experienced -

a) Client vividly sees the entire life step wise, with full feelings and most senses, as though he is playing that character in that lifetime.

b) Client experiences strong bodily sensations which is what I call it as, certain trauma of a past life is stored in the form of bodily sensations in the current life, some also know it in this life as illness / disease. Certain clients might show "abreactions' in such experience.

c) Client has flashes of intermittent images, and then just a story, which keeps running in their mind, all this happens automatically, although the client's logical conscious mind sees it as 'imagination', or something the client has thought before. The latter happens because, our own soul keeps sending us messages from time to time, we may listen, repress and forget to act on it. So when the message gets repeated by the soul in trance, it seems familiar, and the logical mind sees it, as ones own thoughts or an imagination or a movie scene seen before. Sometimes there are no flashes of images, rather just a thought which comes and goes.

d. Emotions is all a client feels, some emotions of low and some of very high intensities. This is another way of touching upon a past life, akso a way of releasing and letting go of the past for healing to take place.

e. Client feel the presence of someone, or hears someone talking and reveals what is being told.

f. Client sees colors, shapes, unclear forms ( which may become clear at a later stage during or after trance)

One needs to understand that, It is not important that, only if a client visually experience past Life or Life in-between where they meet the higher Realm beings and the Divine, that healing takes place, even gently touching upon those past lives and beyond, in any of the above ways brings a healing, a shift towards Mind- Body Healing and spiritual ascension.

2. HART – a therapeutic intervention technique which is done in continuation to Past Life Regression Therapy or after general hypnotherapy induction. HART is a concept developed by me after years of working with clients under trance.

After a review of past life, the death experience and seeing the body from above and describing how it looks, how was that life lived, what are the regrets of that life etc. are explored. What are the learnings to be brought back from the past life, to the present life is also asked to the higher realm souls.

Suggestion of leaving that body and life is given and the client is asked to go up above, ( to the home of souls )and listen to the messages given by the Higher Vibrational Beings.

It is here that I brought modifications to my approach - Usually I used to focus on the message from the higher beings for the selective questions asked by the client, or me asking questions on behalf of the client (I use my intuition here, thinking what will help the client more). Then get an answer and bring back the client to present life and out of trance. It is here HART was born.


Healing Above Regression Therapy

The extra steps I take which I have named as HART is as follows:

a) When the client is in a deep state of trance, client is asked to obtain the message from the higher vibrational beings (the higher souls, guides, Ascended masters, angels, dimensional beings, other planet beings, beings of galaxies, the Divine GOD), and the beings provide the client the learning to be brought back to this life as a solution to the issues the client has in the current life.

I then let the client have a conversation with the higher beings, where the client can ask as many questions as he needs. impromptu.Client has to ask the question loudly and repeat the answer received verbatim. The therapist records it all, as many a times, the clients tend to forget certain answers after waking up. It has also been observed that even if a client feels that he was conscious throughout the session there are times where even the client does not remember when this answer was relayed. So recording a session and providing the client the recording is of utmost importance.

b.HART basically relies more on the intent and intuitive abilities of the therapist. A session can take its own natura course and flow in which the therapist and the client play a role in sync and the entire session is guided by the intuition of the therapist.

Answers given by the higher souls can be in three forms -

1. Auditory, where a client hears a voice.

2. Visual, where a client sees the higher form giving the answer, sometimes it is only visual, where symbolically answers are revealed, which the client is asked to interpret and find a meaning of it. So far most of my clients know to interpret, when answers are shown symbolically.

3. Just Thoughts, which are answers instilled in a client's mind by higher realm masters, which the client repeats verbatim. Here the belief of the client plays an important role, as many a times the clients feel, " oh this is something I knew, or dreamt of", and as said before, our soul does communicate with us at all times, it is our human mind which constantly remains in thinking, analysing etc... due to which this Soul voice remains unheard.

During deep trance via HART, a different level of Portal is open, and so the questions which the clients asks are something which had been bothering them, but they never realized this before in their daily lives.

Clients can also ask questions based on the answers they receive from the higher beings. Over here minimal guidance is required, but if a client gets too much ingrained in the answers he receives from his Higher souls, and feels stuck, or seems to have formed some resistance to go ahead, he needs guidance w.r.t the questions to be asked and also ways to reduce the resistance by giving suggestions like : :while the conscious mind sleeps, let the higher being speak through you, Divine being speak through the client using his throat and vocal cords, and speak freely without resistance and guide us:.

c) I ask questions like, how many more lives are remaining for the client before Liberation / Nirvana i.e. ending of Birth and Death cycle.

Here I also ask the Soul plan and purpose for which the client is born in this life.

d) I also use the client as an "Anchor" for someone else's life, e.g. : Asking questions to the higher beings, by providing their first name and no other details, to find solutions not just for the client under deep trance, but also for his near and dear ones. HART research participants anchor for any human, animal, mankind and also receive messages for Earth as a whole.

e) Explore the future of the client, not just in this life, but next lives, how is the life going to be, taking in as much details as required so as to confirm that when it happens, one knows that it was something which was already told to the client under regression by the higher beings. Also exploring the steps to be taken in the present life to reach the goals. I ask the higher souls to show a vision of client's future, atleast a glimpse and ask the client to describe the vision shown. I let the client know, no matter how weird or odd the vision is, describe it without any resistance or hesitation. Some clients see the future of the upcoming life time, instead of the current one. So asking the year is very crucial.

f) Asking the higher beings regarding health issues, diseases if any and how long the suffering will be there, will it worsen, is there any remedy for it. I also ask the energies of light around to shield the clients body, by surrounding it with white light inside and outside.

g) I then ask the energies, to open the client's heart to the light, receive the healing, and the guidance. Also opening the Portals to the highest realms and meeting the Divine.

h) Some clients show resistance in the flow of messages, when I ask the client to let go of the resistance and trust the flow, and open up, they usually do open. If there is still a resistance felt by the client, ( this happens when the level of client's spiritual growth is lower, than the knowledge received from the highest realms, so the client finds it hard to verbalize it and explain those concepts. ) I then ask the higher souls to speak through the client. Then I talk directly to the higher soul , and the higher beings talk through the client, and address the client as 'him or her', and the therapist as 'you', in most cases. This is the time when even the therapist is given healing and answers through the client.

i) I also ask the energies to unblock the heart, give silence time to the client while the work is being done, I also ask energies to work on certain body parts which are unhealthy. It is here that I integrate into trance other modality concepts, like Cord cutting, energy healing etc...

j) I ask energies to remove, any energy within the client which is no longer helpful. This works with concepts of entity removal (energies which are lost).

k) As per the issue of the client, if it is severe, I ask the higher realm guides to take the client's higher soul directly to the Divine Source for healing and guidance. Those who go to the source, feel an immense surge of love, compassion, bright white light, and sometimes like darkness leading to a light. In silence the client is left there with the Source, before being brought back. I intuitively bring back the client, as I come to know the work is done. Before being brought back, I always suggest the energies to work every night in sleep from now on, to heal and open the clients heart by removing the blocks.

So far clients have been guided beautifully by the Higher Vibrational beings, when the client is in a place up above after their death in the past life, client feels extreme bliss and most client desire to stay there and not return to earth i.e. to the present life, although the soul has to return to complete the journey and learning for which it was born in a human form on this earth.

An important point I realized is that, since I started meditating along with my clients, be it during induction, deepening and when they reach the higher realms, the session takes its own form and purpose and works for the healing of both the client and the therapist in the process. It is like they are in sync. The questions and further steps all becomes guided from the higher realms. It just flows...within and around both the client and therapist, who are now in sync to heal and grow. So for HART it is not just the techniques, but the therapist need to be ready from within too.

Blessings and Healing

By - Dr Renuka Gupta, PHD, CHT, PLRT, HART Founder



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