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Healer & Receiver, concept of "Word Placebos"

Healer - Receiver

A Healer may not be Awakened

But the Receiver is ready... And that is all that is needed.

The healers are also humans having their purpose and ascension journey. Even when Healer's are not ready, awareness is absent or they are ill intentioned, due to greed and image issues, the receiver of the healing can still be healed.

Similarly a Healer might be vibrating at higher frequencies, very knowledgeable, aware, determined, while the receiver does not benefit and so is not healed.

So what exactly might be happening?

A Healer and the Receiver need to know they are merely channeling the energies within and around them, the enerfies of the Universe. The Healer is not the creator of energies to heal, neither the receiver have special characteristics due to which they heal faster and Ascend. The energy of the Universe is constantly there and available at all times.

The Healer creates a vision (by words used in therapy) of energy, while the receiver chooses to believe or not in that Vision.

When the vision is strongly believed by the receiver, the universal energies are received by the receiver. The Healer is merely the channeler, the one who creates a vision, needed for Physical world beings to heal.

One point of caution here is, if the healer is ill intentioned, there is a possibility for the receiver, to receive the universal energies along with the energies of the Healer. That is why, it is all the more important for a Healer to be ready, genuinely intentioned, and working from Heart.

Word Placebos - When to use "Word Placebos"?

Word Placebos is a new concept which came as a Claircognizant information to me a while back.

Word Placebos can be used by a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, counsellor or anyone who is healing through various modalities.

Word Placebos are very integral to the healing process. Words like, "release, let go, you are healing, the pain is releasing, the body is shifting" etc... generates an energy level between the healer and the receiver, bringing specific focused healing to the receiver or a massive amount of healing.

Word Placebos are highly effective, especially when the receiver is dependent on the outside to feel better within, usually this is the case with most receivers during the intial few sessions, and for some intermittently the Word Placebos need to be used.

A receiver sometimes just need to be told "You are healing now, there is no negative energy anymore in your body, or your healing is complete, from now on you will just need a reminder, as the major work is over".

A Healer who practices with lots of integrity, for them Word Placebos to be used in the above given manner might look like boasting oneself to the receiver, but it is not so, what should be the focus is, the receiver believes you, and slowly that belief becomes a part of receivers internal thoughts. If the Healer's intentions are pure, straight from the Heart, then the Word Placebos play a huge role in the Healing process.

Word Placebos work well with people who had traumas, PTSD, depression, anxiety, addictions and many mental health and physical health issues. The age groups that benefit the most from Word Placebos are ages 10 to 18 and 50 and above.

Blessings and Healing to all !

By Renuka Gupta, PhD, Spiritualogist

Claircognizant writing



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