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Healing above Regression Therapy...

Earth Messenger speaks again....

( I use the HART technique, i.e. Healing above Regression therapy, a technique I developed 4 years back. Learn more about it from (The below session is a HART session, where it begins with mind body relaxation leading to a state of being in touch with our soul, the higher self, and the other higher vibrational guides, whpm we call as God, Masters, Guru, Yogi etc...)

Higher Realm (HR) guides through the client,  

"The Journey has started, the transition, the cycle is set and it is movIng gently forward. Lot will change. Fear , Distress, a lot of Pain, it is part of the process, part of the cleaning. The awakened will feel the pain. They may not identity it, but they know it, that it is the change. 

Turbulant time has begun, the earth is changing, people awakened. 

Transition will be difficult, but do not lose hope. It is for the best ,for gorwth, for love. 

All those (beings) that pass will enter the light and help the light to grow. The result, it is brilliant, it is light, it's peaceful, higher vibrations, peace and light, love, goodness, so beautiful, so calm, so comforting...

Transition is necessary, there will be pain, there will be loss. Transition is like a scab, when you get hurt and a scab forms, it hurts and doesn't look good, but it falls off, it rebirths new skin. 

Transition is a necessary process. Those who are strong enough and able to help others will not die, because they are necessary to usher and help others to awaken and move through the transition.

Those who were unable to open or awaken now in time, were those who had finished and were ready to help from elsewhere will die and move on. They are not lost, they have a different role. All is done to achieve the transition. 

Consciousness has grown and is growing and needs more space to do its work. It has outgrown the size of the earth. It needs to vibrate beyond, to connect beyond. The souls are not connected just at earth, but throught out the universe and dimensions, and consciousness here need to link to higher and stronger. 

We are all part of one. We have been fragmented for too long. Don't be afraid, all will help, you are not alone. Do not doubt yourself, doubt is useless, follow the path. We take you by the hand. Trust in us we will guide you throught the path. We are here to help, and to love. We do not want you to hurt, we want you to be happy and part of us.

Don't resist ,follow, follow us." 

Therapist - How to follow?

HR - "Open ur hearts, your thoughts are small, they limit you, thoughts are from your heads, the truth is in your heart. The soul, the unity the onenessss is within."

How to open the hearts? 

CLIENT - I feel my heart swell and i sense it. But I cannot verbalize it. 

HS- "Those who are starting to open, or are opened will feel their hearts expand. They know what the heart feels like, what the truth feels like, they will start to speak to others without fear. When something from the heart comes they will speak it, they will reach out their hand to one another and the other will sense it.

There is no logic in it, it is knowledge that comes from deep. When they feel empathy they will reach out in kindness in an act, in words, in a hug. And the two, i.e. the giver and receiver will know. They will not be able to speak and say what it is, but they will know, from that seed it needs to be passed on.

Those who are already awakened will more easily know what to give at the right moment for they will be directed from the higher source. All they have to do is to follow not resist. They will know from within what they need to do in the given moment. They must not resist, They must touch another, through words, touch, action as directed, whatever is necessary, as directed. If they follow through, they will spread the openess to others. 

We need to be more attentive to what is coming from within and never hesitate, that includes themselves. Often our message is not heard, because they are tired or hurting or too caught up on thoughts. But it is a learning process, we all have to help each other. 

Some are not ready yet to know what it is to receive a message from the heart. But those who have reached that stage do know, and they will continue to open, each at their own pace. All that needs to be done is the impulse of the heart to be followed. 

Everything that brings us higher ,closer to the realm of peace, comes from the deep seat of love. And that help comes from the heart. We need to open hearts, those who already know need to do the work. And slowly others will awaken to do their work. The chain has begun. Each link must be connected to the other. We are all one, we are all love. Purity, all encompassing light, love, peace".

HIGHER REALM GUIDES message for therapist - 

"Listen to what you know, to trust your sense, you know the blockage in each, we will assist you in unblocking , try to feel listened for and sense for the blockage in each of your patients. You know intuitively, choose one , the one that is most pressing for each, ask for our help and we will help. We will unblock what needs to be unblocked. 

There is an enormous love around you, surrounding you, protecting you, you are essential to the process. You have touched so many people and helped to awaken so many, you have eased so much and you have much more to ease. Your role is to help identitfy those who need guidance and assistance and to take them to the place where they can be healed, where they can grow. 

Client- I feel , there is so much love around you, it is incredible...

HIGHER REALM GUIDES - "No expectations just trust and follow."

- Renuka Gupta , PhD



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