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Healing with Money in focus..

I am not writing something new or unique for today. I am also not here to praise some and defame others. Am here to speak my part and leave it upto you to act or not. 

We all agree that Earth, its space, environment, its inhabitants everything is shifting to an unknown. With these changes many do sense unstable grounds, which is becoming difficult to handle. One thing which most of us are worried for is, will we have enough money to sustain oneself and our family. The world functions with Money.

It is not that easy, as one says - Money is not important, important is how we live our lives. Money does have a role to play in this physical world, as we do not survive on air, but food, we cannot live under trees like our ancestors, we need shelter and for all this we need Money. Current world still functions around Money. 

All the above is not new, you have heard it before, so what is so different that am about to write today?

Is money important for the basic needs? - Yes.  Is money important for the luxuries, status? - if your answer is a Yes, then this is where I come in to explain, why a Yes as an answer will rather leave you craving for Money and deplete you of the existing Money. 

These geographical shifts, energy shifts happening on Earth, is also shifting the meaning of Life, the way we need to bring back our connection to nature, animals and also the humans. For years we have learnt to live in isolation. We see social distancing in physical sense at this moment, but we were already practicing social distancing in our minds since centuries. We were all isolated within. We were all focused on what we need, not what we need to contribute for all. Am not saying all of us are selfish, but most of us are. This is where the shift is needed. 

If during this current times, one still focuses on self needs, Money for self, then one has chosen a fate leading to losing happiness, Money, Success, Status. Earlier the focus on Money, lead to money acquired through any means, but these shifts are going to ensure that, if ones focus still remains Money for self, status, luxury, we will be left with nothing but misery, loss, pain. 

As I said, Money still has a role to play, for the basic needs. So ask yourself today once again, answer to this question, once again-

Is Money important for luxuries and status? 

If your answer changes from Yes to No, you have chosen a fate of Abundance in every form. 

A special message to all Healers of Mind, Body i.e. doctors, therapist, alternative healers, tread cautiously in quoting fees for your services. When you leave the tightly held clutches on Money, it will flow the way it needs. Remember ones who work with pure intentions will be taken care by the Divine, more than ones whose intentions are Money with status and luxuries.

A Healer with pure intentions "Heals", while a healer with needs, only "Works".

I leave you all with a question to ponder upon, 

If all becomes takers, and very few givers, will we each have enough in the end?  All these shifts are balancing the imbalance we brought into our world, it is time for us to balance our needs too. 

By Renuka Gupta, PhD 2nd May 2020



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