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Help Help Thyself........

When one feels low, helpless , at times having no strength to deal with the existing circumstances, because of a constant feeling within which we call 'Depression', we seek help or try to manage it on our own.

This small article is for those, who find seeking help to be a difficult task in itself. 

I have told my clients that Depression is not the 'Problem', but rather a consequence. There are many reasons causing Depression. So depression cannot be treated directly unless those reasons are brought into our awareness and managed for good.

Finding the reasons may require help, but currently those who feel depressed, they can make themselves feel a little better than they are, by simply being of help to others, like visiting a voluntary organisation once or twice a week, and helping someone. The feeling of helping someone will leave you with a feeling of being worthy, because ultimately depression is the feeling within that "I am worthless, I cannot do anything right...etc.etc..."

So the first step towards your healing is, go out help someone, if you cannot go out yet, go online on blogs, where people feel stuck and are asking for help, add your inputs of how they can deal with their circumstance. Trust me, when it comes to others life, we suddenly become a therapist, but with our own life, we lose perspective at times.

What will helping others do? Apart from making you feel worthy, while you give ideas of how to manage their life, suddenly you may come up with answers to your own life, what you need to do. So what are you waiting for........

The saying

"Help thyself to help others" is true.....but sometimes "Helping others does help oneself too.........."

Take Care !!

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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