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Higher beings present were, Shiva and Lord Buddha.




RP - "They are standing in front of a huge screen, the screen of existence."

Before a Soul is born

"Before a soul is born into a human body or in any realm, it sees its entire life. There are all the possibilities that are shown through the spirit guides. From these possibilities the soul chooses to create its own path.

What opens up in a Meditation?

Whatever you feel that came out of blue or was an idea that was instilled in your meditation as a human was one of the possibilities that your soul saw and made a contract with the soul guides to show it to you. On an Earth's plane when they ask you to meditate, it is also a space, of finding answers to the problems that seem unresolved. These ideas are then implanted or rather the doors of these possibilities are made more clear in your mind by the spirit guides.

Only Humans are a species who are NOT in a constant state of Meditation

Increasingly now you find more humans meditating. It is only the human race which runs away from discovering deeper wisdoms, where as other beings on the planet, the plants on earth, insects, antimatter is in constant state of meditation all the time. So it is easier for them to detach easily as compared to humans. Example, if you see an animal, say an elephant who nurtures its kid like any other human being, the entire group of Elephants, takes care of all the offsprings, then graudally as the offspring grows up it is set free to take its own path. Detachment happens quickly for those beings than any human on this planet".

The purpose relayed for Therapist

UDB - "Hello Renuka, you have a task to perform, meditate more often, conduct sessions where more and more people join you to meditate. The information that you need to pass on will come to you. It has to be a process that need to now be put into place, it is no longer at a smaller level, it has to reach out. Start spreading more awareness and demystifying the misconceptions that are attached to meditation, that it only happens in a certain way. Instill more love, compassion into the conscious states of a human mind".

Healers are the Torchbearers, Challenges are there

"As you all are the torchbearers, you will be the first ones to witness the change, it also means that you will be the ones who will be facing these challenges first.

We do not say that there is no help and we do not say that you are not capable, it is what you decided as souls to do together. Challenges will not effect your body. The stagnation of the energy that has been felt by many light bearers that automatically will open itself."

NASA be alert

"You will also see in the coming year, more beings visiting your planet, encounters that will be physically sensed. Purpose of this is to make the mankind realize that they are not the only ones surviving in this universe and the wisdom from these beings will lead you to the acceptance of these scenarios."

T- I hope NASA picks up.

UDB- "Individual bodies will be opening up to this concept which was ignored for most part of the human existence. It is going to revolutionize the world, to be a completly different kind of bliss altogether.

Medicines will not be needed to Heal Bodies

The human bodies will also find its ways of healing itself, without any medicines. Thus altering certain lifestyles and habits, which now will be very easily adaptable."

Why do Souls choose a messy human Life?

T- When Life scripts are being build by the soul along with the spirit guides, and when spirit guides shows the numerous possibilities which a soul could have done, or will do or can do in a lifetime to achieve a certain purpose, why are souls still choosing certain extremely difficult challenging times as a possibility to achieve a certain purpose , is it true that only challenges and hardships in a lifescript can put one, on the path of that purpose?

UDB -"It is absolutely untrue , it is only their understanding of the human life to be difficult which is making them choose the difficult path. Many Philosophers, Leaders on the Earth's plane have constantly reminded everyone that, what you wish to have whether difficult or easy, it will be granted to you. People have both the options, a difficult and an easier one, and it doesn't mean that the easier one will not have its learnings, but what you choose very consciously is , what is being created in your present."

T- So why are the Souls still choosing severe challenges to achieve a purpose? What triggers it to do that?

UDB - "That is the orientation of this plane, which makes you forget what your true nature is. That is why you find increasing leaders coming into place reminding that this is untrue.

The repurcussions of Ignorance

There has been centuries of ignorance, ignorance was deliberate, it lead to certain sects rule, and now you find it all turning tables.

You need not be an intellectual being to interpret all of it, as the soul inside the human body is given the consciousness for the same.

All one needs to do is connect to it, especially the new parents, instead of curbing the voice of the children they should start celebrating it. When they start paying attention to their own voices is the way they are more aware and innately connected individuals.

The trend is changing, now the souls wants to take everything in their own hands. The balance of the world will be restored."

T - The souls have forgotten right, their journey brgan from nothingness and they are just stuck in these life and death cycles, differrnt planets and relams?

UDB - " It is like an ice cream parlor who has different flavors, everytime you feel like trying a new one and it is a never ending list. As every new purmutation and combination creates a new flavor and that can be replayed."

T- Why was it hard for a soul to stay in that nothingness in the first place?

UDB -"These are just creations, if one creation goes away, there is another that is building up, that is the nature of this universe. These souls chose to participate rather than making those creations and let it demystify it. The participation and engagement with these creations, led to this constant cycle of creating new flavors and experiencing them, Which they can stop at any time".

T- Bless the universe to stop it. At the physical level the healers will do the same work. Let the souls stop to being a part of creations.

UDB - "So be it. However there needs to be more constant attempts to bring this into reality.

The awareness will constantly keep spreading. Blessings to all!"

Renuka Gupta, HART Founder, Spiritualogist

Gurjot Kaur, Inter-Intra Galactic Connector



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