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I am the "Time"

"I am the 'Time', on which the Earth revolves, life revolves. Am a small part of this universe, not too big, nor too small, but a very important part.

The best part is, I am here and the rest are in their respective places. On this earth, all feel that they are catching up with time, but i am free, I do not walk with anyone, I just keep going on.

I just observe, I do not feel anything. I have seen several centuries come and go, which people call it as 'Time'

I am there, till the universe exists.

The day this universe immerses, I will also go with it.

I am that part of this earth, which keeps things the way it is needed to be kept. Whatever is happening on Earth, I do not play a role into, but I do see to it that everything moves the way it is supposed to.

All the souls who have planned their journeys, I see to it that ,that they walk their journeys the way they have planned.

All the higher beings, who visit the Earth, I observe them. They help many here but learn a lot in return. I only observe, not feel. I am here

Both of you are aware that the Earth is going through the shifts, and during these shifts many souls in different forms depart and find liberation. Liberation from life and death, liberation from working in other dimensions, liberation to Nothingness and dissolving the " I" completely.

This is the time, when the souls, souls of any form, human, animal or other energy forms, choose to emancipate. This is a good time on Earth to dive within oneself and loose the "I", becoming the nothingness

A lot of them on Earth live in deep fear, fear is a part of Earth's physical reality. Everything is changing, nothing is the way one thought it to be. In this moment just observe and sense, as this time might not come back. When one observes, one attains the knowledge of how to go deep within.

The shifts which the Earth needs, you play an integral role in it. Not many are aware, why these times are coming, where one feels fear, fear of everything around. Humans fearing another humans. Nobody wants to come closer to another. When a human can behave like this with another human, then what would happen to the rest, you are well aware of.

If fear is made as our friend, and we understand the reason behind the fear, many issues, like overthinking which creates a hurdle for all in the path of moving ahead, all those things would get resolved, rather uprooted and nothing will remain within each one of us.

Look within, find yourself, and see yourself beyond the "I". Humans do not usually observe themselves like this. There are very few souls who came in different eras, and taught us in the most simplest form this wisdom shared so far. As we all know, when time comes for each one, they will experience the ultimate truth.

I the 'Time' is telling you, that you have waited for this time since centuries, lifetimes to achieve liberation, to go deep within, be one with all. Observe and understand it all.

The HART technique which you have found, is important in these times and it will be relayed to others through you and then it will spread. Many are getting ready to receive it. So keep spreading it.

Everyone knows, the wisdom you have shared to each one of them, they are now walking their path of knowing their own self, knowing God, and immersing into the ultimate wisdom.

Renuka today all are watching, this is very rare and usually never happens when a session is going on and all the highest Divine beings are here looking, silently observing, not speaking anything. I have rarely seen this happening. So for today, just Observe, do not do anything, do not make anything, just Observe."

Therapist - Thank you all Divine beings, as they have a huge role to play in the path we both have reached today. Lots of Gratitude and blessings for all beings, also the Divine beings and the entire Universe to be liberated.

Renuka Gupta, PhD, HART Founder Gurjot Kaur Inter-intra galactic connector ( Her energy body becomes a vessel for higher beings to deliver the messages directly, without her conscious mind being used in that moment to verbalize the messages)



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