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KARMAS ( Karm)

Karmas do not Occur, Karmas are created

Does a Soul create a Karma? The answer is "No". The Soul creates a Purpose, a reason to be born. Karmas are created by a physical form, which gives a Soul the purpose to be born, when and in which realm to be born.

The more stronger the Karmas are created, the more we keep taking birth in lower and lower vibrations. The lighter the Karmas get, the more we get closer to Spiritual Ascension, eventually reaching to 'Nothingness'.

Karmas are not just the behaviors or actions we take, Karmas are created by each moment our inner state. The way we behave, think and emote. For example, the more a person behaves anxiously, have anxious thoughts, feels Anxiety as an emotion by the sensation of anxiety sensed in ones body, the more a strong Karma is created.

Karmas do not occur, they are Created. Anxiety , Depression, Damning Anger, Dissapointment, Morbid Jealousy, Shame does not occur, they are created within us every moment. Karmas do not Occur, as there is no stimulus which is existing continuously and permanently in ones Life, as nothing is constant, everything comes and goes from moment to moment.

As the Stimulus does not occur continuosly, every moment, Karmas do not Occur, rather Karmas are created.

Blessings and Healing

Renuka Gupta,

HART Founder, Spiritualogist

30th Oct 2020



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