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Let my Work Speak

An experience I went through recently. So sharing it here. Am sure the messages will help Healers, Professionals, Practitioners with or without a title or the needed education in a certain field, to carry on their work of healing Mind, Body, Soul, as there is a need to bring back the light from all directions for all Humans. 😊

Therapist - Professional Regulatory body experience is painful and is a PTSD for me to some extent, guide, heal, help me.

Open the flower that is budding inside you, your flower is scared of showing up, because this flower has petals, that of a diamond, it has seeds of crystals, and when such flower comes into existence there is a huge shift that happens in that field. So these scholars that are praised and being followed by others were the ones who planted the seeds, and now you are going to give them the flower. 

Therapist - How to open the flower budding within me ?

Your flower is surrounded by different water channels of fear, pain, shame, humiliation, however the place where the flower is residing has crystal clear water, use the purity, the clarity that has been bestowed upon you, believe in your work, because any new shift that was ever proposed in this 3D dimension was not readily accepted. But when you will move on this path further and show them that, there are greater possibilities to just what they have been taught or have experienced, they shall gradually be open to what you believe is right. 

Therapist - Health, Professional Regulations causes a huge amount of deep pain within me due to its restrictions many human souls cannot seek help from all.

It is happening because you are changing the definitions of Psychology. Psychology when it came into existence, was a medium of understanding human mind, but now the human mind has explored itself to many possibilities and it needs to shift, so for those shifts, there has be an amalgamation of other fields with it.

 It is not the time to stay strong at your own position, but to be interdisciplinary and adapt and adopt everything what even others are offering. If you wish to you can move towards a multidisciplinaty title to what you are " Spiritual Psychologist".

Therapist - Psychologist title in is regulated by a regulatory body for Psychologist

Till the time you are there, use what is been suggested by the norms, but continue your work. But when you are publishing your stuff, use this title what was suggested, Spiritual Psychologist. 

Thank you higher beings for all the guidance provided through my research client

" Spread the love and compassion"

Renuka Gupta, PhD

Psychospiritual Therapist



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