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Levels of the Soul

From the source,

First Level -

There are a few that come out of the source and divide themselves into various parts. The higher ones that manage the universe are very near to the source. 

They are responsible for majorty of the births that takes place on different dimensions and they see to it that everything works smoothly, like in the solar system of the earth, the sun has to revolve, the other planets need to revolve in specific distances, also see to at what time one planet comes closer to another. In different dimensions everything that happens is managed by thise coming out from the Source.

Second level - 

There are code holders, which sends code to these universes. And these universes starts to read codes, and when the time comes it shifts, hence nothing is constant.  

Third Level - 

There are few more of fragments from source, known to earth as the arch angels and the team of angels and the masters , Who work quite hand in hand. 

They have the responsbility to take actions in helping, everyone who is working in the universe on the space ships. To make sure that everything is happening in its due course and what messages are to be sent to which solar systems. They also see as to which solar system needs to dissolve itself and which needs to be created.

They also see to it as to which higher beings would be moving to which part of the universe to help the other beings in that universe to move ahead. The messages are sent by these higher beings inbetween, who are the closest to the universe and to arch angels, angels and through them it is conveyed to living beings of dimensions that are around the solar systems. 

Why did some parts come out of the Source, what was the reason?

The source wanted to experience life differently, to create an illusion, to experience something that has been necessary for its being. 

For a collective consciousness to come into play the shift was important. 

Wasn't the source already collective and complete at a conscious level?

It wanted to move on higher realms of the self awareness.

So will the universe keep on sending fragments? 

Yes , till the time it achieves it's fulfillment.

By Renuka Gupta, PhD

The above message was received by a research subject in trance using HART Technique. 🙏



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