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Looking at COVID 19 Prevention and Recovery, the metaphysical way....

While the world is still finding the origin of Coronavirus (COVID 19) as well as the cure for it, I felt I can use this time to write, how one can probably prevent as well as recover from COVID 19. For the critics, I am already writing a disclaimer for this article, if you need information on COVID 19 or have symptoms please do go to the appropriate authorities. Meanwhile let us focus on something, which can help us. 

There are many previous writings and research about how our body is linked to our mind, our thoughts. The power of thinking, metaphysical causes of illness. This article is about, metaphysical causes of each common symptom of COVID 19, that is, if one can work on our thoughts one can be less vulnerable to get sick, and those who are sick would probably have more chances of recovery or a speeding recovery. Once again, this isn't researched specific to COVID 19, but worth giving a try. Since even the scientific medical field researchers and doctors are also yet to find the cause and cure. Coming straight to the point. 

Most common symptoms of COVID 19 are:

 1. Breathlessness  2. Coughing  3. Fever

1. Breathlessness

Difficulty in drawing breath is often a sign of anxiety or fear; fear of taking steps towards freedom and independence. 

2. Coughing

Coughing symbolizes the expression of emotions or thoughts that have been repressed. Coughing serves to reject something that we have inside (airways and lungs, our territory), an attacker who must be expelled.

Most of the time it is related to something we have said or that we have been said and that "has angered us" because we are very irritable and very critical with ourselves, and with others. When the cough is chronic, we mean that "we are supporting" someone who constantly irritates us: our spouse, mother, father, our leader, a friend, a co-worker, etc. It can be a person who constantly mocks us and tells us what to do and how to do it, or is someone that tells you never do what they say or do as they want.

Dry or irritating cough is a violent reaction of irritation and rejection, it is always because of external situations that have bothered us: An intruder, an unexpected visit, an order, which we refuse to do, be in a place that cannot stand, lack of space, cigarette smoke, being with people who I do not accept, etc.

It may also indicate that we are suffering a significant outside pressure and do not know how to handle that situation. Persistent cough crisis, it is actually a desire to bark at the world, wishes to be heard and taken into account or to shut up. It's our way of saying, "Hey, I deserve respect and attention, I am here and I am able to think and decide by myself”

Pertussis or compulsive cough: Conflict of separation and fear of death. 

4. Extra symptoms like dizziness and aches

A. Metaphysical causes of dizziness include – Desperate for love and approval but not knowing where to look for it.

Trying to control everything. Trying to avoid seeing an uncomfortable truth, especially when you do not want to face a situation. In addition, it can be caused by fear or anxiety.

B. Aches: Longing for love. Longing to be held.

In Summary : 

Breathing Problems: Fear. Not trusting the process of life. Getting stuck in childhood. Fear of taking in life fully.  Coughs: A desire to bark at the world. “Listen to me!” Fever: Anger. Burning up.

This is the time for all to self reflect, do we feel or think in the manner stated above. If your answer is a Yes. It is time to change these patterns.  Does Positive thinking actually work?  When I suggest my seekers (Clients), I do not say to them, think 'positive', as it is only our conscious mind thinking those thoughts, while internally we are still the same, emotionally messed up person. 

In my experience, only by thinking positive, life doesn't manifest positivity. If one needs to really manifest positivity into life, meditation, Prayers is the key. Where we are focusing on the body, mind and not thoughts. 

When we focus on thoughts like " think positive" , we are still not feeling it in our body or mind... thoughts are still at the surface level. One needs to go deeper, observe and accept what is already there deep within us.

If you find fear, hurt, anger, observe, instead of trying to immediately make those thoughts vanish. As thoughts and feelings do not vanish by positive thinking. They are still very much active deep down within us. So for a real shift and manifesting positivity into our lives practice observation, acceptance, patience and belief, in time you will be free of those deep rooted thoughts and feelings.  Healing and Blessings to all ! By Renuka Gupta, PhD

🙏🏻 (Metaphysical causes taken from online writings of various authors like Louise L Hay)




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