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Message to Humankind from a Messenger/ God.....

Message to Humankind from a messenger........

( a client in regression, Verbatim Narration)

Colors with Entities

Colors moving in and out, it is like the flow of energy. Everything beyond human form is a dance of energy, a slow peaceful fluid motion, calming, beautiful to watch, the colora the fluidity, the souls sharing, helping, guiding. They are always there to help, most people do not feel them. It is invisible. It is like we need human beings, we need to discover the connection. As the colors move, there are some shapes on them, like hand, actually sensing a presence, they are entities, souls, they are real.


Feels like the weight on the feet, a pulling, planting me into the source, it feels food, warm and safe and I do not feel alone. Humans need to be grounded in order to raise above, to see the unseen, to learn what they already know. This rush life keeps everybody busy, without time to be. Everybody is running around for nothing, there is a need for quiet within, we are not here, to run after things, to run for no reason, we are here to do what we are called to do. We are here to live, but we rush and we forget and we go away from what our purpose is, too many distractions, too many false things running after, all passing , we have lost sense of, that is pure and real and we chase images. We are constantly changing images, the beautiful souls that are around us they are there to help us to guide us to grow, enriching our lives and those around us, instead we chase images , empty images and we spend so much time collecting these images and changes, that we lose sight of the beauties of the soul. Few are able to see outside of the films or kalaidoscopes spinning around us, the images we trying to catch from them are not real. We need to connect back to source, we need to ground ourselves, we need to see with our eyes closed, all the beauty of the universe, it is all tied and linked.

Don't shy

When u talk to people show them the splendor, that can't be bought, can only be seen with closed eyes. Dont be afraid to talk, let them know some of the experiences that you felt that you have seen, dont worry if they laugh or they disbelive, it is planting that seed, showing them something else. You take a seed and put it in the ground, it will grow , some will grow a little bit and wither, others will grow strong, produce more seeds and grow others, that will be strong or that will die, but we cannot stop planting. We need to show others, help others to focus on the inside, let them know, talk about your experiences ,share show, include, stop being silent, speak, you can give voice to what is by letting others know, not all will open up, each has its own time, the souls need to awaken and it is our role to grow the awakening.

Higher souls
You just need to be open we will guide through you, just connect and make the time. There are other souls who know ur strength, they love you and they are trying to open you to the infinite, allow them, make more time by yourselves. Dont give your time needlessly , your purpose is to awaken and to help others, you do not do the awakening, we do, all you need to do is be open and available.

* My message ( Sometimes the therapist also receives the message and is guided)

Just be there for clients. You are blessed, you are a light in the darkness. Your love is strong and encompassing. It shines and guides others. You need to help, and you need to let them move freely. You shine in the light. You are strong and wise, there is an inner wisdom in you, that even you don't know fully. Meditate and be true to your self. Listen with your heart and the answers will come. There is a strong light within you, you are precious and you must be protected from pain, too much pain. You are being shielded from pain, intense pain. The pain of the world. There is just too much. There is a reason why I came to you, perhaps guidance, perhaps helping you to move a little beyond the shield, to learn a little, to answer some of your fears or uncertainities. You are a vessel of love pure and intense. And you shine beautifully, that attracts souls to you, you have to be careful not to be enveloped by their pain, this is why you are shielded. Only a little at a time, so as to keep you from harm.

Spiritual Paths

This is not a linear path, spiritual paths wind and turn, the turns are there to grasp or allow for things to reach a specific point before moving again, it is a journey not a destination and the growth and love is in the process. Looking for final outcomes is not helpful. It is hard for humans to 'Just be'.


Everything is fluid and peaceful, Just be like water. You cannot hold water in your hands, it moves and changes, nothing is meant to be the same, rmthe beauty is in the variances, in the changes, in the fluidity of life and love. Things are not always as they seem, good exists everywhere, sometimes we are the ones who do not see it. We have to look to the Source, in everyone and everything. We catch, we need to close our eyes to see and open our hearts, listen to that, that is wothin, in interactions, the truth lies there. When you meet someone, allow the energies to touch, they will tell u when the danger is near. Do not be misled by words . The enegies are the core, the vibrations. Be quiet and learn to sense them to feel them, to understand them. Do not ignore what seems like odd thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to them and raise ur awareness. Those feelings , not thoughts, are there for a reason, to guide you. Follow what comes from within. With practice ,that language will be clear and stronger.

Healing to all!

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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