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Moksh, Nirvaan, The End.

Is Moksha /Nirvaana the ultimate Journey?

As explained by others, Moksh(a) is the end of the death and rebirth cycle and is classed as the fourth and ultimate artha (goal). It is the transcendence of all arthas. It is achieved by overcoming ignorance and desires. ... It can be achieved both in this life and after death.

God, Higher beings, Angels etc..who attained Moksh

Many Saints, Arch Angels, Gurus, God, other spiritual beings are said to have attained Moksh, and so do not take births, but guide all beings of different dimensions, so that each being walks on the path of ascension, eventually to attain Moksh.

Why are the higher vibrational lighter beings helping and healing other beings?

Through HART sessions (Healing above regression therapy) God and higher beings revealed that, they will exist till Earth exists. When this was said, the deeper meaning seemed to have been amiss at that time in our human minds, but now it can be explained with more clarity.

The God, Angels, Higher beings, Guru all those who have completed their Journeys in physical forms, due to their inner work have acquired Moksh, no more birth-death cycle. They exist as energies, formless. They appear in a form to all beings, as we need the illusion of form to believe or to know their existence and to follow their guidance.

All the higher beings who acquired Moksh, are still being a part of evolution of each being, Earth and also other planets and dimensions. The reason being, as soul energies, we all are one, we all came from the single Divine light. The higher beings are connected to us, as we as soul forms are connected to them. They keep guiding and healing us, so that each being reach the path of Moksh. When each and every being in a physical form in different dimensions attain Moksh, that is when all souls can ascend and be one with the ultimate Divine energy.

Why do most beings keep taking births?

In a Physical form, the beings keep creating through their thoughts- attachment to a person or thing, causing them to keep taking births. Till the beings keep Creating, they will always be a part of Life-Death cycle and away from Moksh. Till all beings do not attain Moksh the higher beings will exist and keep working to heal us and help us with our spiritual ascension.

If higher beings attained Moksh, why are they not able to be one with the Divine?

Moksh is not the last and final goal or destination. The final destination or purpose is being one with the Divine and being 'the Nothingness', where there are no more creations. The higher beings are higher, lighter energies than those born as physical forms, and these physical forms are as souls lighter energies, yet to choose the path where their soul no longer creates birth and death cycle.

The purpose of all lighter energy higher beings is to ensure each soul attains liberation, so the final Journey to Nothingness is taken by all together.

Why has the soul chosen to take births and keep such challenges in a lifetime?

Souls choose to take birth, with challenges for a learning, which they have forgotten. All soul's origin was the Divine Nothingness. The soul got engulfed in creations of purpose, losing the path from where it all began as an energy. Currently the energies of the Earth have shifted in a manner, that it churns everyone and everything inside out, ensuring that eventually in the upcoming time, we all remember first as physical forms and then as souls where it all began.

It is the time of souls awakening, to its ultimate Journey to Nothingness. When each soul awakens, the higher lighter beings and all other beings, along with the entire universal beings goes back to Nothingness. The planets too are beings of energy. They are also transitioning. The Earth is also transitioning, ascending.

The ultimate Journey beyond the Moksh has begun.

(Science talks about the Big Bang Theory, everything in the universe was created by a big bang.

It is not necessary to know how it all began or why it all began, what is important is, how each particle, each energy finishes their Journey and join the origin of all creations. There is something beyond Moksh, the Nothingness (Black hole), and this is what the universal message is being sent to all in this moment)

Blessings and Healing!

Renuka Gupta, PhD, Founder of HART

Claircognizant, Clairsentient

Psychospiritual Therapist, Spiritual healer



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