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Money in a Soul Journey....

Another Seeker (Client) in trance speaks.... 

Earth's ascension is already happening, earth has already shifted it's energy to higher consciousness. Those living on earth can feel the difference.

Those conscious can feel and know it is happening. Those who are not conscious are confused. 

The earth will also continue to shift...As the earth's energy goes up, those living on earth must also raise their vibrations to match.

Those who do not raise their vibrations, they cannot remain through the transition. Those who know what they signed up for, when they first came on earth, and those going through the transition, will Stay...

Money will remain, it is a form of energy, but there will be a shift and the human focus will change, right now the souls are becoming conscious of the fact that they are the soul , not human body, but soon they will realize, when they go after money it won't be important any more, it is slowly happening, it is slowly transitioning into higher vibrational energy. 

Those whose time has ended, or not ended, they will realize that for human body survival, money is necessary, but the conscious focus is towards God, not duality. Knowing that they are an infinite soul having a human experience, they are merely playing the parts...

In next seven years, the importance of money will not remain, in next ten years, a lot will have changed. You will look back, and think was it a real time, where so much important was given to money. 

Money will exist, but it will not be the focus, focus will be the soul's journey, and soul's purpose in life. What has each soul come to give, and share in human body (form).

Money will not go away, but know that because each soul will be more focused towards their infinite self, their inner truth, that there is abundance for all....

- Renuka Gupta, PhD



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