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Mother of Peace, Lord Shiva Speaks, Divine blessings showered

Today three higher beings, Divine energies visited to guide Earth and her inmates. Mother of Peace with wings , The Divine Source and Lord Shiva The Mother of Peace is now on more contact with earth's surface, and spreading layers and layers of energetic peace and harmony, to balance the nature and its inhabitants. This full moon which is a pink moon and the brightest, which will be seen is an indication of spreading this peace and harmony.

Meditate with the Moon

If one meditates with the moon and absorbs its energies, it shall help to instill calmness in you, for the situations that is now going to be seen by the world.

We chose this

Whatever has been happening was decided and all of us on this earth's plane had agreed to participate on it. Everybody had given their agreement to it. So this current situaiton is not scary, although many have got influenced by the views of others. The vibrations of anger, hatred towards the people who are responsible for spreading illnesses, has given rise to feeling scared and feared.

All will be fine All of it will be fine and that has to be now the belief. If it is a shift , a shift will definitely settle and it will all settle for brightening our futures.

(From here the Mother of peace guided the connector to the Divine source)

Connector - I see a huge beam of light, rather a pillar of light which is coming from the source and going towards various planets and various galaxies with whatever is required on their time. I have been called to sit in between this pillar where all the lights gets bifurcated, before that.

There are only blessings and love with Divine source.

{From here due to an interruption, the connector had to be put back on trance, after which she was greeted by Lord Shiva.}

Connector - Am sitting with Lord Shiv at Mount Kailash (Mount Kailash is the adobe of Lord Shiva). I was dropped by the

Council of Light over here.

Shiva speaks - " I am feeling happy

to connect to all mankind. The energies with which I and my fellow beings had come on earth we had to take our strength back. I am happy that now we all can function in the best ways an

d the energies that were taken back are now open for receiving.

Don't be afraid of me , I know, you all know me as the Lord of destruction. Many are afraid, they only worship us, especially me, so that I don't do something that they do not wish to see.

Destruction has a Purpose

Today I am here to tell you that, even where there is destruction, there is new life. Life is instilled way before the destruction takes place. This is what is happening in the now. Demystify the emotional pains, the insecurities that most of you are carrying. Trust that these energy portals that have recently opened, will give rise to newer forms of survival, technology and brotherhood. Humanity will function in sync with nature and not against nature. So for that there are certain changes that are taking place receive them with love.

Am there to take care of all. Am now more visible and my energies can be contacted immediately within fractions of seconds now. My name is enough for my presence."

"Today there are a lot of blessings being showered, blessings have no words, so just keep receiving and it will all make sense in sometime from now."

Therapist - The earth has started rising up to receive these blessings, why did the earth suffer all this while, and not rise before ?

Earth suffered, but now has risen

"There is a contract that every earth, every planet makes and as you come with a blueprint and you make your own choices to deal with things, similarly all these planets also have their life cycles, they have to experience certain things to rise above. If everything remains peaceful, happy, nobody would take an initiative to shift higher. This is what is the earth's reality. As you know it, it even applies to the earth. Till the time it was not suffering, it did not see the imbalances happening to the inmates, she was at peace. 

She did try to mend certain things by showing little anger by shifting her place (earthquakes) , showering you with her tears ( floods, hurricanes) but not much shifted, changed.

Therapist - This time even with fire she showed her anger

"Yes". "So she had to suffer enough to make a conscious choice to change and rise above the happiness that she has already experienced. Now her quest is to rise even higher to experience more bliss, a new form of survival , rather a living that is more fulfilling." Connecting to Earth Energies

Therapist ' Humans who feel for earth and connected very differently to the earth, like the Natives, certain tribes etc. What is their connection to Earth? 

"They have understood the true essence of nature of emEarth, how contributing is your motherland. They have soul contracts with each other ( Earth and humans). Hence you will find them worshipping the mountains, trees, Earth and everything around."

Like you connect to the energies of higher beings. They connect to something so near to their existence, that is Earth. You connect energetically to anybody, where you can sense what they have been experiencing. You can communiate energetically with each other and this communication since centuries have helped. Native, saints and even you Renuka, do communicate deeply to the needs of Earth and work to help her overcome her problems."

By Renuka Gupta, PhD Intra-Inter Gallactic Connector Gurjot Kaur Done using HART Teachnique



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