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NDE- Near Death Experience

*A share*

One of my couple counselling client recently shared her NDE (Near Death Experience). She said, how many were about to die on a ship which was stuck in the storm.

On that ship, she felt her soul left the body and travelled to the end, to the light, where she was shown her entire Life journey she already lived. She was then offered a choice if she wants to go back to her Life on Earth or return to Soul realm.

She was shown in glimpses, how her further Journey could be if she returned, after which later on she chose to return. When she came back to the ship, something huge rod like wooden plant fell just half a centimeter away from her face, which could have killed her if it hit her on that ship, but now she was safe.

She didn't recall the NDE experience vividly , but as I probed her further, knowing a soul's journey, it was as though she remembered it all, the connection from Human to soul journey.

There are many cases now seen all over the world who have the NDE. Many forget as years pass trying to find logic in it, or trying to hide it from general population out of fear or being seen abnormal. Many do choose to remain awakened and follow their Soul calling.

As a Claircognizant, I was aware most souls are given a choice to leave the human life or stay in their soul home, which means dying in Physical Life on Earth. Many Souls have already written in their Life script, the ways they will end this human life, and in that life script, a choice is given to the soul, when it reaches the light to enter soul realm or be on Earth.

Years back, my clients in deep trance using HART, had given a message about my mother who passed away in 2016, sudden death by Cardiac Arrest. Two of my clients told, she was given a choice to stay on or leave, she chose to leave and she felt there is no more contribution needed to be done in her human form. I was aware of this 'Knowing', but it became more evident since the revelation in a HART Session , I received like a verification I needed for the *Knowing*.

The messages which clients offer in deep trance or people who receive messages from the universe, they receive messages as written in the Life script.

The choice to leave or stay is the choice of the Soul, as it merges with the light.

Renuka Gupta, HART Founder




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