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Nothingness Speaks today - Blackhole

"The beings who maintain the space of Nothingness, it is the space of balance, of purity, of just being you, being there soul that you are. It is the space that generates light sounds. It is the space that is always there. You are so used to seeing it, that you believe that it does not exist, as it is that part of your knowing and because you have it you keep searching for something else, which you even term as light. Many religions, sects and even the preachings of many beings connected to the source and the connection was pure, talked about the balance, the balance wherein the darkness consists of light and the light consists of darkness, that is your being.

Being somebody vs a Nobody

On this planet there is certain surge of becoming somebody who is very great and is always vibrating with brilliance, with happiness, full of energy and light. You forget that even when you reach there, there is a part of you that feels low, a little disconnected, or maybe more connected. It is the space wherein you also feel pain either for your self or others and you just keep denying that.

We all are ascending on Earth

With the way everyone on your planet are ascending, it is a very massive and accelerated process at the moment. It is also a time to embrace all the other part of it as well.

Absolute Reality - Nothingness The Puzzle and the Creations

The Space of darkness and Nothingness is the absolute truth, a reality, whatever you want to term it , it is upto you. So when it is the reality, the acceptance of it is also inevitable, you have to make it a part of your being. It is through this space of Nothingness that a creation comes into existence. All these creations have completely settled into their grooves, like in a puzzle. It all turns into a space of not being there. As you turn the pieces of the puzzle, these creations come out of it. There are other possibilities that are created in that missing space, from where the creation came out. It is a space of constant growth and expansion and so you cannot deny it.

Acknowledge Nothingness

The humans on this planet talk about their achievements, but they miss to acknowledge their spaces of Nothingness, wherein they were nobody, or they had nothing. When there is complete acceptance of the two places that are seen as extremes in your reality, the high points and the low points, it gives the person complete calmness and the extremes the person feels of his or her emotions, also settle through this.

All Animals sense extremes, unlike humans and Abundance perspective

Do you know that all the animals of this planet, have a great sense of these extremes, day for a lion whose cubs are hungry and he wants to also need his tribe. He goes and hunts a deer, that is the space of achievement where he accomplished what he wanted to. But you know the animals are also very highly aware, the points wherein they feel like is also a part of them. So as the tribe of the deer lost a member to the lion, they all experience the pain of losing a companion, but after few days, they search back into their energies, and accepting their realities, as it taught them, how to protect themselves in a new way all the time. Darkness is a place where the lessons are learnt, in the animal kingdom these lessons are taught by the parents to all the new borns. They even make their offsprings go hungry, as that is their basic need. At the same time, when they see that the experience has gone well they serve them with food.

This is a little amiss with the human kind in the present scenario. As the Ascension needs to be even faster, this realization has to creep in. Whether it is abundance in any form, at the moment the abundance is always looked into as finances and with the current scenario of the earth and mankind that is facing the challenges of the finances, instead of rejecting these feelings of not having, if they learn too embrace them as a part of their life, the challenges will just drop in no time and there will be creation of a new opportunity.

Reject reality and you struggle more The struggle increases for the ones who want to reject, suppress, the reality. When you do it for a long time, the reality pushes you from your seat and it comes out in a greater manner than before."

Therapist (T) - What is a reality in Nothingness?

"That everything comes out of Nothingness and moves back too Nothingness." What is the importance of these creations, why are these creations needed? "Because the energies have to be put to some use, the egos needs to be harnessed and at the same time all of it needs to learn to even put a control on the ego. If you see the entire universe from the mere lens of experimentation of a scientist you understand that this is all developing into something, which ultimately will land into nothing, as it is only improving, like in a chemistry lab how a scientist adds the acids and the bases together, building up a new solution which integrates back to it's original form, to see whether the creation was same process or was the process well developed, it all goes back to it's original self, which is nothing, so there is no existence. Then you understand that non existence and existence are a part of each other. You know that there is greater to your lives, in a very simple manner of I explain, that there is something which is created by additions and subtractions, one day it will go back to the same from where it is created.

So what is the hype which is created of it, why is it created and what does it serve, so even if this is realized by each human the purpose is solved."

T - Is each and every energy just keeping on creating, instead of accepting the Nothingness and going back.

"When it is even going back it is creating, isn't it? T- In a human's mind yes, creating a Nothingness.

"The only thing that now prevails is Nothingness, so hence the symbol of Tao, or the symbol of energies which shows balance, talks about the same thing. So when everything is creating itself and at the same time uncreating itself why is the human after so many things at the same time, and stops living what he has come to live, as ultimately it is all going to vanish."

The Present Moment

"What is the importance of all that I am taking at the moment, it shows the fact that, when somebody starts living in the present moment, please pay attention to this, every moment , whether it is painful or not, whether it gives a peace or not, or happiness or not, staying with it and working b with it as friends will lead to a different level of existence, wherein the emotions will not effect the physical and the psychological health of a person. Now this is the quest the earth is shifting to, the newer dimension wherein creating the balance will only be the quest. As the quest will be so defined, it is easier for each human to transcend to it."

"Every soul on this planet has experienced being in Nothingness. It is the human experience adding more value to it, also adding more value to the universe, as with every energy there is a new permutation and s combination that occurs which as I already mentioned, a new possibility shows up, like never seen before. These are times of happiness, rather than times of brooding, or feeling sad about the changes that are occurring. When you are ready to embrace both of it inside and outside you, it will n at more zeal to your existence. Your purposes of life, that each mankind has come for, will also be accomplished very soon."

T - Remaining in Nothingness is an experience which one comes across in meditation, for a fraction of seconds. Why did our souls chose to move from that Nothingness into a human body to create all the experiences and forgetting what it is like to be in that Nothingness? I am still not able to understand this journey of our souls.

"The entire universe functions on this Nothingness and so the human body as well. It is not that you have forgotten three space of Nothingness, you experience it every day. Nothingness is not only during meditation, the space of Nothingness also comes in you sleep, and your body is very aware of it. It even comes too every person who is in deep thought about a certain aspect, and reaches a space where there is nothing more to ponder upon, looks like a dead end to that person, but it is not, it is the at space of Nothingness. It happens with each thought, it happens with each aspect you want to create in your life, or make it possible in your life. It is always the, it is just that you are so used to it that you do not want to see it.

Every being in this universe experiences it."

T- Can you explain when you are thinking, how is Nothingness present in every thought? "I would right now want you too go to all the scientific researches that are happening on your planet, wherein they are constantly measuring the frequency created by the thoughts on one's mind. For every micro milliseconds there is as gap and from there a new thought arises. You feel you are the one who is doing that, you are just putting an intention, to make new things possible, that is the space from where it all begins. You know that your thoughts are constantly influenced by your experiences and so they decide as to where are they going. When a person is constantly on an auto mode, even when this person has taken charge of life, where in the person is the flow in itself. Even for that person there is the space of Nothingness most of the time. It is even there in your mundane tasks that you do. The daily course that add no value to things, even there it is Nothingness. It is right there, it is just that you are not seeing it. If feels like no existence.

Man has to constantly work is the illusion that is created. The illusion to Create, create, create.

When you accept that you are nothing and you are a part of nothing, you also accept that you are everything and still nothing. It is just the play of words, send to everyone one. The ones who are ready to speeden up there Ascension process will just absorb it."

T - Blessings are given in the form of light. " Let the light shine on you", I want today to know the blessing from the Nothingness, to bless them and accept the Nothingness and come back to it. Are there any words I can use as energies to bless from the Nothingness? "There are blessings for being, the Being that you truly are."

T- Thank you

Renuka Gupta, PhD, using HART Gurjot Kaur inter-intra Galactic connector.



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