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Past life Regression experience

This article is not to provide proof of Past Life Regression as a therapy and its effects on clients. My work with clients using this therapy is focused on healing and bringing the awareness and learning back to the clients, which they may not achieve through other therapies or medications.

I do not apply this therapy for those who are curious to know their past life, rather I apply when I know for sure that a certain set of problems require this technique. So I do come across many clients who get dissapointed as their curiosity is not met by me as a therapist.

I am not a reader, I do not read what others say or do about this technique, so maybe what I write below as my experience is soemthing written or already experienced by others. Ofcourse I do read 20% of articles online.

I am very clear with my clients that, I cannot exactly prove how this therapy works, all I know is when a person touches a Past life under trance, healing follows..

So I cannot explain a solid path as to how one heals through this therapy, but yes, I know and so do my clients that this therapy brings Life changes , for some 360 degrees, and for others slow and steadily and then there are others who feel they imagined it all, even for them this therapy changes their Life.

There are clients who go into a trance very easily, and from what I have observed, clients who have had lot many stressors in their life are good candidates for past life regression, it's asthough the soul says," its time for you to learn from your past and heal, because you have suffered enough in this life".

There are clients who do not at all go to their past Life, and the reason which ofcourse I cannot prove but can only assume is because its not yet time for the soul to take this journey towards healing. There are many reason why a soul does not decide to go into the past life. Which needs a seperate article to be written at a later time by me.

Let me alert you, do not take the word soul in the literal, dictionary sense, because this very word soul, you can call it your energy, or the power which lies outside is also within you, there are many who can even call it God. It doesn't matter what you call it, because the focus has to be on healing.

There are clients who go into past life and can visually see and auditorily hear what they experieince in that life, while consciously being alert of my presence as a therapist who is asking them questions to guide through their life.

Some clients go into a past life by seeing nothing visually, but feeling or seeing flashes of images which starts forming a story which clients narrate during the trance. There are some clients who do not have both the above kind of experiences, but have certain strong or weak bodily sensations. Again from what I have noticed, the kind of experience is not important for healing. 

I would like to admit, the process of PLRT do not just help my clients, but rather each message the client brings back from this journey brings an aww to me. The words said in the deepest trance, which I call it as the message from the higher souls, is undescribeable.

My clients once out of trance remembers the entire past life experience, and many of them draw connections between past life and this life and understand why they have a certain personality or sturggles or behave in a certain way in this life.

Regression therapy has helped many of my clients to stabilize or heal certain Physical illnesses. They come to know why in this life there is suffering at a physical level, and when they know the reason, it strangely brings them the acceptance they need with the existing physical condition of theirs.

I find the after death experience to be quite intriguing. My clients are of different religion and yet when they describe an after life place, suddenly the soul feels peaceful, light, calm, nurtured, secure, and those who can visually see around, describe the place to be completly with light all around, some describe white clouds and when a higher soul approaches them, they see them dressed in white. My clients have been Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian all describe it the same. I find it so fascinating, that ultimately after death at a soul level everyones experience is the same.

I will come with more details about this therapy, as its been now 10 years since I have been practicing PLRT. 

I guess it's time for me to speak my experience, maybe this is where I grow more within.....and in sharing there is a healing for me.

Take care

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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