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People Messenger Speaks today

"For suffering to eradicate, one has to change the way one thinks, food habits need to be changed, become vegetarian, increase the greenary all around. Consume yellow colored food, Turmeric is good for healing the body".

"Africa, China and Newzealand need more light (blessings).

Newzealand many are going to die, something like a huge explosion is going to happen in the coming year. They have to raise their worship.

"South Africa is in deep trouble, people are ready to kill each other. Very soon you will be told what to do as a healer."

"At present a chaos will happen in India, especially in Delhi and Mumbai, all of a sudden people will be scared, rhere will be a sudden rise in cases and deaths. In these two states people are not working on themselves, mind and money game is being played more. Lot of healing energies are needed here. Light energies in the Northern part of India is low, as the faith on higher beings / God is decreasing. They are not ready to shift. A suddent jolt, will awaken them. Crystals will help humans.

"Due to uncertainites of life, there will be lots of panic, everyone needs to inculcate the habit of meditation, to reduce the anxiety states, otherwise it will be hard to manage ones life. Meditation is the only way. The faith is still missing in humans".

In two years India is going to prosper, people are going to work from their heart, rather than their mind".
"13th Sept all the energy releases from Earth will be complete, the number of deaths will rise".

"Three healers were named and asked to meditate for 15 days, at the same time, which will help the humanity ascend. The people who are in the dark, are waiting to be in the light, this meditation will help them move."

By Renuka Gupta, PhD, HART Founder, writer

Research contributor Payal Kapoor



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