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Planet of crystals

These crystals on Crystal Planet have their masters.

There are Crystal Beings and Master Merlin with us today.

Crystals at the Earth's crust

"We are crystal beings, we have this world full of crystals as you find it in the Earth's crust. These crystals that are lying in the Earth's crust have travelled light years from our planet, as they decided to be a part of earth and some other planet, to be as constant healers working in this space of earth and to support all the beings that are around. These crystals are living in nature and they do interact.

Communication with Crystal Beings

With the constant shifts that are experienced on your planet, you will find it interesting, that the communications with the crystals and other beings around and other elements around would be more enhanced and profound. You could listen to them earlier, but now you are able to communicate more easily with them. We beings can see the higher perspective of the same situation, being with the crystals.

Purpose of connecting

Most people especially the healers whether they are people working in the social sector, the medicine or in the energy sector, all of them have the capacity to connect to the human heart and communicate, and so does the crystals. If all these healers start connecting with the crystals through the crystal beings, their work will be more open and it will reach the deeper state of awareness.

These awarenesses are very important. The self that a human mind has forgotten or does not want to bring it out,needs to now surface so that everyone can look into the darker aspects and start learning to grow, rather than constantly moving in circles and also exaggerating their current state.

You decided it all

The lesson that most human beings need to learn is, all that you are experiencing was decided by you to experience it, to learn something from it. When we exaggerate the simple process of learning and healing, it turns into something which goes beyond proportions. It causes building up of emotions in the body and mind, which turn out to be harmful, as each experience has to be considered as normal, just like how a person sees the experience of happiness as normal.

Role of Crystals

Crystals can help you deal with it. Make them a part of your life. Healers need to expose themselves to a range of crystals that are there, whatever attracts them, the first gut that they have is the one for them. If a fellow healer has bought five crystals, you also do not have to do the same, maybe you just require one crystal, use your intuitions.

Crystals connect to Heart

Crystals call for you as they connect to your heart much quickly than you connecting to their heart. When you trust the exposure, they automatically show up in your reality.

As crystals becomes a part of your life and you connect to them, you will spiritually ascend faster."

(Therapist - Telepathically let the beings of this world connect to crystals.

Crystal Beings - "So be it".)

Master Merlin speaks...

"You will find me in many folklores as the magician, the one who can see the future and also guides the present.

Today am here to make everyone realize that they are nicely flowing through this transition phase. You see me in the fifth dimension and i can completely understand what everyone goes through, as I was also a part of your reality ( Earth is in 4th dimension moving to 5th) at one time.

Heart is the Key

The message for everyone is to connect from the space of heart. I would like to reframe this message. The moment you relax your mind and work from your heart space is when your ascension process multiplies.

Fear of Unknown

Another aspect most human beings are facing is the issue of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of not having the clarity as to what needs to happen. When any planet and their beings are under the shifts, these shifts happen in a fraction of seconds and many things change. To embrace this change one has to trust their present, and know that they are being divinely guided. The process is happening because they chose it for them.

Those trusting the shifts

Ones who are trusting the process of shift and change, their lives are much easier than the ones who constantly live in fear. When you fear something, it takes over the trust from your present reality and you own self and then all your security systems all break down. Even the present reality around you looked very indistinctive and unreal.

What happens to those who Doubt?

The trust in the outer environment is moved and so is the trust within you. When those who are in a state of fear and doubts, accepts they are in doubts and fears, rather than being in a state of trying to get rid of it, this is being in the normal state, where you automatically comes to a still. When the stillness arrives a new journey begins, and you know that you are automatically protected and guided.

Did God give you Fears?

Many religious traditions have explained this concept. This system now has changed forms, as the fear of man has moved into a fear of God.
What everybody needs to understand here is, that fear was instilled by you and not given to you as a gift from God. So when you say that the God will come and protect you, it will only happen when you start trusting your own process of life, rather than denying the reality.

We from this level of fifth dimension can easily see how humans are just finding a seat to rest and a space to hide so that when things settle down, they can move out and start living normally, but what is the normal?

What is Normal?

Example, if you take it as a flow of water passing by and you are dirty with mud and you do not wash yourself with that water, later on the water is no longer there, and you are still dirty with mud all over. The new reality that comes, does not accept you with the dirty mud on you and that is a complete downfall.

So wash yourself in this flowing water, and cleanse yourself. See this as an opportunity to cleanse yourself at a deeper level. By being in the present and accepting the present as it is. Understand you have chosen this path to walk and when you do so, it is a different world.

The crystal beings are working towards the activation of every being of this planet, and to connect us to every crystal beings of our planet."

Renuka Gupta PhD , HART Founder

Gurjot Kaur - Inter-Intra Galactic Connector



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