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The Beginning is the End

We do not remember the origin. We are lost. We

began from One and Many, began from Nothing and Something, we began, where there was no beginning.

What we see, feel, have, think, know around us, is all non existing, it exists in our creation. It exists till we exist.

We meaning every visible, invisible, formless and with form beings and everything around us.

The journey of a human is to become a Soul, the Journey of a Soul is to be one with the Source. The journey of the Source is Just be and not be at the same time.

Eventually all human Karmas are illusions, all soul journeys are illusions. A soul need not be born several times, in several life times, in different forms and planets, to evolve and return to a space where it came from. This is the illusion of the soul, that it needs to be a part of a form, a part of something physical, to feel all 5 senses, to be evolved.

The soul has forgotten, the origin from which it came from. All souls, those who are caught in the attachment cycle between the Earth and the Source are 'lost souls'.

We have got attached to every creation and also have a connection with the aversion of thise creations.

Love and Hate both have strong vibrations. We keep moving from one life cycle to another, thinking this is what we need to do in order to evolve our Soul and be one with the Original Source.

We need to begin the process of not creating any goals, desires, attachments, in order to eventually let go of the illusions.

Look at what we on Earth have done. The desires, goals, attachments to person, things, thoughts are never ending and so is the cycle of life and birth, which now has become so painful for most on Earth.

All creations need to end with the ending of Desires. Love is a powerful emotion - a thought which brings joy to so many, is a powerful creation and the very reason for many of us to continue being a part of this never ending life cycles and soul Journeys.

We created time, we created the Universe and the Universe created us. We were once them and now they are us.

Source is not there telling us how many lifetimes you need to come back to the Source, as the Source exists in Nothingness. It is.... As is, without Existence. Blessings to All ! @CopyrightedIHA part of an unpublished book ' Nothingness of the HART' By Dr. Renuka Gupta 🙏🏻🪷 Que and Ans So if everything is an illusion, evolving as a goal is also an illusion? Then are we supposed to also let go of it? Ans: Everything is an illusion, the goal is to break free of all illusions eventually. Evolving means, the process of breaking a simpler illusion/ bottom layer of an illusion and step by step moving towards higher illusions, and eventually breaking that one final thick layer of illusion. We need to use illusions to eventually break free from all illusions. Blessings 😇🙏🏻

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