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Another Messenger of the Earth and other Dimensions speaks today..

"I am among the stars. Am home. I am energy. There is no physical form.

There are meridian lines that connect the human beings to these stars. Unfortunately these lines has been disconnected from most human beings, and the process of reconnecting them is through the Ascension. Human beings will be more connected with their spirit".

The Seeker further spoke as per the guidance of the Spirit guides of higher realms.

"She channels languages and sounds. It is very important, feeling the vibration of love, the doorway to connect to the source. These informations she (Seeker / Client) receives through the stars, she can send onto the earth to human beings. 

Through her voice, the intonation of her voice, it will impact the transmission of the energy in a physical way".

"Her nervous system is being prepared to receive the energy, so that in a way she doesn't blow her fuse. 

"It is imp to come from the place within the heart, when this work is being done."

"A lot of people currently have their heart chakras closed, and that will impede the process of receiving this energy as the heart must be open." 

"The Source is within, through the heart, you can enter it through within you."

"Unfortunately this knowledge has been tampered with and we have been taught as a human race to just look outward, but that is actually the opposite direction of where one must go".

"Every being continues to ascend, there is no end, source is infinite, we will continue to grow infinitely.

It would be silly to think that we reached the destination, be wary of people who claim this, as they may be confused and not see very clearly."  

"There are many paths to same destination. Every one serves a different role." 

Pain in Canada , role of each healer here.

"Energy is dense in Canada and USA. There are many healers born particularly in these two countries to help transmute this energy. 

So for sensitive individuals born in this dense energy, it is very very difficult, that you have a very imp role to play."

"If you exist in the vibration of love there is no protection needed in this dense energy." 

"Opening up the heart and being able to feel each other. Being able to feel the connection to source and to be able to exist on higher dimensions." 

"Learn to exist in denser vibrations with an open heart, when you can feel the pain with love, it becomes a lot easier for empathetic souls to do their work because when you close the heart and you are afraid to feel these dense vibrations, you close the doorway to higher vibrations as well."

"It is all about energy, vibrations and frequencies, this is something human beings find it hard to comprehend with their rational minds, there are ways to allow human mind to better integrate this information and be able to slip through the cracks and be able to connect the spirit to the souls. 

Seeker frequently did certain hand movements, like a pattern during the trance. Client was asked, about the hand gestures.

"Seeker adjusted the holographic field of this entire space, she doesn't have to go into your (humans physical) energy field. 

There are lot of heart blockages in dense city (Toronto) to be removed."

"She (Seeker) is a healer, but not in traditional sense. When she is here with you, she opens channels."

"There is not one healer that can exist and who can work without the assitance of other healers on the planet it is a collective task, as it is very grand and multi-layered for only one person to do the work." 

Seeker (Client) kept doing the hand movements, she was asked again, what is being done?

(Etheric Realms- It connects our physical body to higher realms of spiritual experience.)

The seeker worked on etheric body, "certain things needed alignment, so hand gestures were done." 

"There is no accident by which that you (Therapist) have been trained in Psychology as your doorway into the mind is your speciality. Once you open these minds, then other healers like herself ( seeker) can bring in the energy, and these people can be receiving that energy."

"That is why healers are attracted to you. It is a soul agreement, it was set before. The souls knew they were going to meet you, and receive this key from you." 

"She (client/ seeker) seeked you out, when she was ready.

She (seeker) works with different beings from different dimensions. She heals those beings. An exchange is happening, energetic exchange. She is healing them and they are healing her." 

Sounds and hand gestures -

"Through using this energy and vibrations, the changes in physical body do occur. There are particular healers in North America, who work on physical diseases in specific and their works will align." 

"Your (Therapist) light is very bright pure and clear. You remind these healers who come and seek the light within them."

Therapist said- "Opening their soul to the light.", 

Spirit guide "yes"

"We feel there is some sort of block within you, chest center. It is a very physical denser block. It is not in etheric realms which needs to be adjusted. It is closer to physical body. If you can open this completely, your energy will be even more spectacular on a physical realm. We are making adjustments for you on a higher realm, and over time it will sink into a denser realm. For you it is more about being aware of this feeling, as it is hard for you to feel these dense emotions, they need to be released and processed, and it applies for all humans. Cannot be afraid to feel whether it is low or high."

"Ascension on earth is only half of the equation, humans are obessed about reaching higher dimensions, but it is also about allowing the souls to descend to physical body. A huge problem right now with humans is that, there is so much fear and trauma, that no souls, no spirits want to reside in this realm, it is important to learn how to bring that soul into physical body and to feel all that without fear. 

"Healing occurs on many different levels. Sounds as a vibration can work on different levels. Human mind is a very big block, the field of Psychology has made some progress, but is quite very limited, as it needs to be linked to energetic and spiritual aspects to make it more succesful. What you (therapist) are doing with your profession is on track.

"Perhaps spread that even more in terms of your ability to connect with beings, with energy and bring back through, during your sessions." 

Your higher self is always connected to source and higher dimensions." It is a process in itself , and you (therapist) are well on its way, continue to do what you do, don't be afraid to feel in your body."

"There is much blockage in the heart in this city and continent. We can only work on higher realms and hope that these changes will sink into the physical." 

"Humans have compartmentalized so much and tried to fit everything in tight boxes, as you know, energy flows it cannot be confined, and when you confine it, you limit it's ability to do what it is supposed to."
"Just surrender. When things go out of control in humans life, there is a tendency to grasp on it even tighter to keep things in status quo but change needs to occur and it is uncomfortable. If healers can provide a space of love and safety, humans can allow themselves to let go and changes will occur much more easy."

"Think about when you experience that things doesn't go the way you like it, disagreements, relationships, money problems, or even traffic . Tune into those feelings that emotions you feel ,when situations occur you will realize that you are grasping on tightly. But the process is actually about relaxing, releasing and allowig creations, energy, spirit to flow through you."

"Even health and diseases in a body are blockages of enegy, as humans have tried to hold onto something. The sec the humans surrender and let go, the energy begins to flow again it will be cleared." 

"She ( seeker) has fear of judgment from others, not a spiritual or physical block but as a mental block, which needs to be removed through your special techniques of reaching the subconscious." 

Suggestions were give by the therapist to remove those blocks from the seeker. 

The seeker's mental blocks were completely removed as shared by the higher soul towards the end of the session. 

~ Healing to all.....A healer lives in you...

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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