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The Divine Speaks as Nataraj

Connector - There is a huge flower, wide open , the center of the flower has a community living there , there are higher vibrational beings and they live there. It is one of the life forms.

This flower is far from our solar system, but it draws some parallels to us. All saints who have achieved direct connections with the source, into the divine light, they stay there, and they work for the welfare of other galaxies where life exists. It is a beautiful life there. Everybody minds their own business. However everybody sits together , works together, at the same time they have their own roles to play. There is a time during their morning when the source directly connects to them and downloads ( knowledge, wisdom) happen to every being there.

It is not just higher saints who are a part of that system , but there are others, from other galaxies and places where life exists. All of them stay here, it is not a very large group, and every download which happens during their time with the Divine source, when they all connect, they have to execute it during their working hours. The stress is on working hours because rest of the time, they are one with the source. They are no different than their life giver.

Am constantly seeing the image of Nataraj ( one of Shiva's form)

Shiva speaks...

"Various portals of energy have opened on the planet. These portals of energy that were opening since last Oct 2019 in your time zone are functional now. If a person starts connecting with its true intentions of serving and helping, in self and others, the messages, the help, the guidance, the oath will be shown in no time. There are many such portals of energy.

There is one thing that has happened with all the ways (therapy, meditation or other modalities) of connecting to divinity, is that when it all began , there was a thought of serving of achieving oneness and letting others come to the same plane. As it all started spreading and the energies of the earth started deteriorating, including the living beings there, there was a lot of manipulation which went on in each way of life, as you may say."

"So in every method of connecting with the source or to realize oneself, ones true essence there has to be freedom. Freedom is one thing that has lost its meaning and needs to be instilled back into each system. Freedom of expression, freedom of being who you are. Freedom of expressing what really goes on within. Most of the people who join in, start observing others, their fellow beings, rather than reflecting inside. These systems have to relook into their ways of helping these individuals to first center themselves and not start imitating their fellow participants."

Therapist (T) - Meditate, dance have fun, as mentioned by you Shiva in our earlier connection, what specifically does it connote and essence of it in human life?

"With these systems of running after livelihoods gearing up with time, finishing up hundred tasks in a day, without realizing why a man or women is doing so, has made each human being loose their essence of being a free, nurturing and having playful nature. It is the true essence of your spirit. So when I said, dance, be playful, it meant dance without any addiction, dance with the emotions, with the energy of dance and not be supplied by external resources to raise your vibrations, because those substances only lower your vibrations and not let you experience ecstacy."

"Dance for just being you, not to reduce weight, not to work out not to be liked by your friends, or to lose yourself, forget your pains. Play not to compete with others, to make a name, play to enjoy the game and discover your true potentials. There used to be times when the man of the house would enter the home ,there would be smiles on the faces of children because they knew, it is the time when the entire family would get together and have fun. This has been lost, now children look at their parents and want to run away from their energies that they are picking up from the world and coming home. It has been practiced so sincerely by each member of the societal world that today when you are asked to stay at home and exchange your energies with each other, you are actually very uncomfortable with your own, how will you give it to somebody else.

You find nations wherein the governments are asking their citizens to stay home, so they are saved from the virus that has come to shift everything. They are going against the goverments and come out in open, as they are not comfortable with their own energies. They are not comfortable seeing themselves in the eyes of the fellow members of the family, as everyone is running from each other. They all need to sing and dance, play together atleast for an hour during the entire day , so that they see the glowing nature of happiness into each others lives and the acceptance for each others personalities would come into play and the energies will get balanced and the acceptance will lead them to a stronger human being and the one who is frustrated and irritated to be at one place.

The countries who have a culture, which is more collective in nature, they will suffer less, as they are still into the practice of looking at each other, especially the family members and make peace with them. When the families come together in existence on earths plane there are different soul contracts that each one of you have made, these contracts need to be served, so this is the time (current), when these exchanges are happening. However with the individualistic cultures when they feel that their life is their own and although they do a lot of service to human kind from different models, for them to accept their family is one big challenge.

Happiness begins at home home where it is family, your parents, children and you, where everybody collectively works towards the uplifting of each other, is when the true potentials appear. After reading this most of them will have questions, that if we stay at home, there are going to be arguments, there are going to be restrictions.

That is what it is, discover your true nature even in these boundaries and find freedom because unless somebody is forced into extreme circumstances, no human on this earth's plane rises and it works as a fact even today. With the energy portals opened , now if you make your will very clear it will automatically be served on your platter, with least work. If you intelligent beings can tap into these energies, you will achieve your highest capacities of love, life, work and gratitude all together in one go."

T- Does everyone need a Guru ?

"This is a question, many have been pondering lately, as you know that there are contracts that are made before a soul comes into existence on this planet or in the universe. It is also a contract with the guru who lightens up. During this time, if you reflect like five years back, it is not just one guru who can contribute with their awareness, it is through multiple guidances, even by just listening to somebody your paths can open up. It is the contract that soul has decided to contribute.

If you look into the lives of many leaders like in the past to mention a few Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many others who made major contributions into every fields of education, the pioneer who shifted, are also gurus in their own way. They have contributed into the awareness of every human and so they are gurus if you see, and if you see there are none, as ultimately you are your guru, and the guru is yiu. We are whole, the part of one Divine Source.

It is just that the roles are different as chosen by each soul."

T- Learning of Sapta Rishis (7 Rishis) are not known to many, how can it be made known to all? "It is a part of your lives, it is not something that has moved out. The energies are still present and the awareness is already there, only the form has shifted. When initially all started, they (Rishis) were all sent in different directions to do their duties, they made use of the knowledge and stared imparting to each human, plants animals, the entire nature. These things were implanted into your DNA through just imparting the knowledge. Many made it a part of their life. So once you make it a part of your life, it is being transferred through generations that come. With every generations there comes a shift in time space and energies to happen. Similarly the practices also shifts a little. It is not a mass movement that you will see a stone which was placed in the pacific ocean and you will find it in Antarctica. No, it is not that massive, it is very subtle movement. Those shifts have already happened which were necessary and these awareness that you and the others are sensing, is because that energy still exists and is there in your DNA and is helping you absorb the energies which are very light for the earth to balance. Still the earth energies are very dense. All of the knowledge which was imparted during the time of these Rishi's, who you feel are non existent on this planet, they are here, very much here, their lives did not end with their bodies, their energies have made a personal contract with Earth to contribute and work along. So all that one needs to understand is energies keep shifting to make it more chaotic, to restore the balance."

Soul Help & Spiritual Life -

"The souls that are here to help the mankind on this planet cannot intervene till you give them the permission to.

We do not want to term it as a spiritual way of life, then many people think of living a life without money and only contributing money and resources to others well being. I always say, whatever you wish for , it also is for you, because till the time you do not accomplish all those aspects within, you will not be able to contribute to others, so it is a way of living".

By Renuka Gupta, PhD, HART Therapist Inter- Intra galactic connector Gurjot Kaur



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