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The Earth Messenger Speaks....2020

"I see the waves flowing in and out, it is not a storm but it's choppy, it's unsettled. It is going to be a while before things settle and the Sun comes out, there is still some work being done.

There is no fear, it is just that the work continues.

Everything on Earth is an energy field, has a role, we are all one. All the energies melt together at a higher level."

T - What is the role of each energy on earth?

"To bring balance and compliment each other all energy swirl slowly. Their work is to balance, in perfect balance there is harmony. The energy is coming from above and is existent in absolutely everything. It is flowing through every single particle and being, and a multitude of beings are being drawn to it."

T - Souls in any form on earth, who are hurting and hurt others, guidance for them?

"Light is shining on them, I sense darkness, an unmoving darkness at the bottom, they are not merging with the light.

There is a reaching for the light, but falling back down into the darkness.

Each soul walking towards the light should extent their energy, themselves, towards the darkness, and give whoever is reaching up, the ability to touch them and come up. The souls walking towards the light need to be aware of one's in the darkness. Some in the dark will come up more readily than others, for they are more ready to take that helping hand. The souls moving towards the light must not forget, to extent their helping hand. It is not upto them to pull the ones at the bottom up, the ones at the bottom must rise of their own accord. The ones moving forward should always be aware and extend a hand to help if the ones below wants to touch, then they can flow up and grow.

Each is there on their own path, no one can push them to move faser, but they can help when they sense it. Those who are ready to move on to a higher vibration will latch on. They need not be afraid for the ones that latch on, for they are glowing with love and light and will not be pulled down. The ones latching on, will gain a bit more loving energy this move up further."


"The cleansing that is happening is necessary. There is a heaviness in good heart, it is happening because it is necessary. It is the only way to move forward, to join the multitudes traveling towards enlightenment.

All is on course as it should be, remember to help people around you. It is not for you to pull them up, it only for you to shine, so that they can see you, and extend your hand of they reach for it. The choice and the outcome belongs to them. Do not push.

Open as many souls as you can, guide them to reception that they may hear, open their hearts, that they may feel and shine brighter on the rest of the Earth.

Continue to guide and open souls. You (T) are like the light house at the edge of the water. You shine steadily and bright and you guide the souls to their path. Know that you are doing what you need to do. Continue, you are blessed.

Renuka Gupta, PhD, HART founder



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