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The Relationship Communicator, Sound Healer speaks the Light Language again in Trance....

Light Language -

Light language can be used to align energetically the bodies of human beings, to allow them to receive information more clearly. It is appropriate to start therapy sessions and meditations with light language, as a way to open people's minds to right frequency and align them to calibrate them, so that they can receive the knowledge through English a lot better.

Light language is a combination of all different experiences received as a soul, human or cosmic. Collection of sounds and melodies.

Dimensions -

In an angelic domension, the colors are bright vibrant, feminine, luminous with pearl-like sheen. It has high vibrational sounds, what we know as Angels voice. 

There are Dimension of a higher realm, where there are civilizations that we cannot see, but coexist cohertly with humans. 

When a human is close to the 'Source' - it means that the heart is opened, as that is the door way that connects each individual to 'The Source' (we can find 'source' within ourselves when we seek wisdom, guidance, growth and more. We are a part of 'it', 'it' is a part of us.)

When one becomes multidimensional one just taps into the source field and one receives information. (Claircognizants are the best example here, since I am one).

Vibrations of Language - 

The Higher dimensional guides, masters names are not in English. The vibrations of English language is not of highest vibration. Ancient languages like Sanskrit, Latin have higher vibrations. Closest human cultural existing language would be something like the Arabic, as it resembles Latin and Sankrit sounds. It is all about sounds.

Psychology as a field -

Psychology on earth is limited. To truly effect people on mental level, different aspects of healing is needed. Human being and soul is multidimensional, it cannot be adjusted to one level of healing. To target only mental aspects is quite limiting. 

Hypnosis opens the gateway to mental plane. Goal is to empower humans and not being dependent on healers (Doctors, Therapist, Health Practitioners).

Relationships - 

Significant relationships in our lives, they come into our life for a reason, they are here to show us something about ourself. Best approach to life is to look within, and not externally. 

Our external world is a reflection of what goes on within ourself. 

So any difficulty in a relationship, comes down to showing you obstacles you need to overcome, the energetic blocks to be released and the issues one needs to clear. 

It is most imp to open up the heart. 

 Healers - 

Healers while helping clients, receive healing too. Clients who seek you are reflecting to you the aspects that need to be healed within your self as well. 

Difficult environment / Country / World - 

One needs to understand that in any environment with pain and suffering and heavy density ( felt in Toronto, density in toronto is way too strong), pushes out so much learning for all as a soul. If individuals live in bliss, growth will not happen at this speed currretly. 

Time -

At higher relams there is time does not exist. When you clear blocks and learn lessons you move on as a soul. 

 Exist in an open form in all areas of ones life, and in all forms of energies, instead of closing to difficult uncomfortable situations, one needs to deal by opening ones heart in such environment. 

Yogi, Masters and Levels of Souls -

A true yogi, master does not exist in the middle of nowhere in a cave, in current times they exists in the density of the city, and still be able to channel highest vibrations to stay open. 

There are multiple levels of souls in higher realms, rather infinite. Each individual is different, sort of having keys ( key here is in energetic terms and frequencies), some people are tuned to certain types of energy based on ancestral history and ancestral lines, not everybody is supposed to connect to the highest realms, they connect as per their needs and purposes, like even speaking to the dead. 

Third dimensional energy existing on earth is also required and collectively when we come together ( the higher realms and earthlings ) we are complete. 

From a soul level looking down, humans who are down on earth are fragmentation of complete soul existing on a higher level. All souls on earth are not the same. It is like breaking a glass, and pieces are put together makes the glass complete. 

Spiritual Ascension on Earth, i.e. Kaya -

The energy of the planet is exploding currently. There will be lot more individuals, if they have not attuned themselves will basically blow their fuse, this will be evident in many psychological problems that will manifest over time. 

Kaya, i.e. The earth is also experiencing the ascension through natural disasters, volcano, gloods, tsunami, forest fires etc. It is all just energy. 

Having healers who can caliberate, adjust and attune the humans on planet will make this process a lot easier. 

Planet earth is of a lower density. When we work on physical body we are focusing on lower chakras, everything is a mirror, planet earth can be mirrored on physical body. So the planet earth going through her ascension is reflected in human body and human life. 

Animals -

Animals are unique species, while they are on physical planet, they are very connected to higher realms. 

Your pet dog Angel's connection, he is a higher vibrational animal, so he can assist with healing and sense higher beings. There are animals existing on higher frequency and will not be effected, and be atuned to all of this. (My pet dog Angel is a Support Therapy dog, who is always present with my clients and works on them along with me).

My Role as a therapist - 

Each individual has a key, that will open a dooor wiithin you, and you have agreed to meet to exchange the keys. You have given very important keys for her (Client) and in exchange she has given you the keys as well. Once the exchange of keys is complete you will be able to move on in ascension.

Towards the end the seeker tramitted the light language and did the etheric work, and asked to enjoy the frequencies.

- Renuka Gupta, PhD

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