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The upcoming future...

"The collective consciousness of the light beings, that is the council of light and the golden beings from planet gold, and all angels connect with you and every bring on this planet."

It is not the End

There are larger goals that needs to be accomplished through the process of life. What seems to be an end is not really an end, it is a phase differrnt from the previous one.

Beginning of a massive change

"The fear which planet Earth and it's beings have gone through, is an important shift and this shift is only the beginning of the massive change yet to come.

There is a new wave in the minds of all humans, that this is the end, but this is not the end, the path is changing from our usual thoughts or plans".

All plans are mundane

"All plans are just mundane, if we keep planning, we will see it failing, as it is this space and time where everyone has to work in the moment as described by many great souls that took birth on this planet".

Be where you are

"In being where you are, instead of foreseeing or playing the future in the mind as a movie, or being in the past and reliving everything that has happened and making corrections to it, all has to stop. The ones who will start learning to be in the moment, will be the ones who will easily float through the past.

They won't be dissapointed since their plans will never fail, as they never existed. The ones who will constantly keep planning will face a lot of hardships to stick to their steady constant mind sets. This does not mean that you live with no aspirations, that is something very core to human existence. We are saying that instead of being very ascertain or foreseeing in a certain way, if there is more fluidity and openness for the infinite ways of doing one thing, lives would be easier. This can only be achieved when you are in your space and living and being what you truly are and capable of being in this moment, and not in the past or in the future.

This is the message that needs to run as a reminder, as many times as possible."

Month of September & October

"The month of Sept will be much quiter, there will be events happening, but it will move very quickly. The month of Oct will have many ups and downs, many thought processes as well as way of living will be completely shattered. It will happen across the world in different proportions.

By being in the moment is how to handle this."

Distuptions were invetible

"What seems to be disrupted was meant to be, so that you choose a different way of moving ahead. These disruptions will only happen to the ones who are too rigid to their structures of mind. The one who are adaptable will deal with peace and harmony."

Renuka Gupta, PhD, HART Founder

Gurjot Kaur, Inter-Intra Galactic Connector



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