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Time to go back to our roots.....

Today’s session was a deep pain I felt, long before my client broke down during her deep trance while she was in touch with the Higher soul, the Ultimate Power, the Source, God, the creator….. The Pain I talk about today is not from a loss, or coming from what I do not have, or have not achieved or accomplished, or the pain of a relationship, it is the pain we all feel within from time to time, and we try to find reasons outside for this pain. Some feel more pain than others, and we have so many reasons already set up in our mind, as the cause of this pain we feel, while some are confused and some are lost. I could no longer sit with such a turmoil within me, after I finished with the session today, I had to write, I had to share, maybe then I will find my grounding, my peace.

The clients who come to me for Past Life Regression Therapy or Healing above Regression Therapy (HART), come with a question for their life for which they seek answer, while some clients are revealed a lot more than the answers to their questions. Today was such a day. This client has always been in touch with the Higher soul, and have narrated the messages in deep trance with such ease and flow, that sometimes I just wish to simply keep on listening to these messages.

In my previous article I talked about how numerology a field I know nothing about, came as a guidance from higher souls to my clients during trance. Since then I have come across more phenomena through trance, like how to use lights, especially the ‘Pink color lights’ to heal the Heart in pain and also the physical ailments of the body. The higher souls use this Pink Light to Heal. I accompanied a colleague of mine, who wanted to visit a crystal store, something which I have never done before, nor believed in, and strangely I was feeling myself lost in those beautiful crystals with different kinds of energies I felt while holding them, and specifically I got interested in the Rose Quartz. It stood out, I wanted to buy that crystal, but ended up buying something which I felt I needed more. It is after the crystal store experience that three of my clients, were healed at Heart and Physical illness levels by the ‘Pink light’ used by the Higher souls.

 Another phenomena, which I might have heard about or read about some ten years back, was the Cord Cutting Process. I was made aware by the client himself after the session, of how the cord cutting work is done. As I already revealed before, I work on intuitions with my clients. The only scripts I keep in front of me are to relax the mind and body, the rest of the script comes like a flow to me now, to guide the client into deep trance and to find the answers for the client. The client with whom I worked on, was aware of Cord Cutting process and how it is done and since three days, before coming for a session, the client tried hard to do it on his own. But was not able to do the cord cutting for himself. He had his therapy session with me after three days, and I was totally unaware of the fact that he was trying the cord cutting himself, and in that trance session, I asked the higher souls, to Cord Cut the relation, with whom he has felt immense pain and hurt, and was unable to rise above this hurt, pain and subtle anger. I never learnt how to do Cord Cutting, but the higher souls know it all, ways to heal, and that is all I am aware of.

 As I am progressing with each client, my intuitions of how to proceed with the trance is becoming more natural and stronger. Many a times, even before the session, I suggest something to the client, only to know later that the higher souls are offering the same suggestions and in much more detailed manner with more detailed steps as to how to follow the suggestions to walk on the soul path.

 Below is a verbatim message as narrated by the client under deep trance, as guided by the Higher Soul….. it is not something new, but we all need to hear it again........

 “Everything is alive and we can’t see it we don't feel it, we walk by it, and ignore it, the preciousness of life and love the selflessness, it is all around us. and we are so busy being blind, so busy rushing, it is not about running, it is abut feeling, it is about living, connecting, giving, it is so peaceful, it is like I can see the roots, I feel them, breaking into the earth, it is not hurtful, it is just a sharing, a sharing of energies, nourishment from above and below, the product is love, it comes out through the new growth, through the changing colors, through the life that it protects, the ponds, the birds it is all so beautiful the river is flowing full of life, I feel the pain too, the earth is hurting , we cant see its value we use to and abuse it, we leave so much pain and hurt into the mist, we have to stop, we have to stop, we are killing the beauty, we are so blind, oh my god it hurts, we have to wake up we have to take the blindness from our eyes, we have to feel, learn, we have to reconnect, we have to stop it hurts, we are destroying so much, oh god, it hurts….. 

The earth is trying, it is doing what it can to protect us, to protect all living creatures, our needs to open, oh lord help us to open our eyes, one soul at a time, you are life itself, and you resonate throughout the earth, more oblivious to it. we have to give back to the earth.

 It is a part of you, doesn't come from outside, it is from within, it is like the roots, it comes from the ground from within. thank you, thank you. I see a parallel, I am feeling a parallel between the earth and how it is hurting, because the outside is invading its inner peace, all the negativity outside is causing the turmoil, manifested in winds and storms, in fighting, little like me, the storms the pain I feel comes from around, I need to soak my roots back into the earth....

My pain is like, it is like I am fighting the stuff around me, I want to help but I can’t, because it is not by dealing with the outside that I help, it is by going back inside, back into the quiet everlasting peace, sinking back into the ground and pulling from there, the earth is hanging on, it is trying but we need to awaken to lessen the storms around it. 

The message for all humankind is to go back inside. we all have to go back inside, we are too busy with everything that has been created , that is artificial, that we see as reality, none of it will last, it will destroy us, we have to go back to the roots, we have to sink our roots back into love, into the earth, into the peace, that is where we came from, that what we have to sink into, we are blinded, by the things we have created. we can’t see. we need to clear the eyes, we are killing ourselves, we are destroying the earth”.

 “If we don't wake up, the earth will stay, but it will eliminate us. the earth is part of the life energy, everything that comes from the life energy stays”. 

“It is imperative that you be grounded, you have an inner strength that is very much needed, you heal and you teach and u guide, there are few souls coming to you, that need that guidance to help the work to grow, the work of peace and love, you are the shining light for them, you have more strength than they do, and they are looking to you for guidance, so it is important, very important that you take care of yourself, you are helping so many to wake up, that is crucial, to us changing the course that the earth has been sent on. not all is lost, it is dark right now, it is a dark part, we are going through a dark phase, there are clouds above, but if we wake up, if we help the soul to wake up one at a time we can help make a huge difference, there is a lot of love surrounding you, a lot of love flowing through you, a lot of energy, you are very important in the process. thank you...”

Towards the end of the session, all the pain which the client felt was taken care by the compassion and love shown by the Higher Souls, and also the healing that was given to the client to move on with this life with more awareness. While I remained in pain even after the session, as I was not the one in trance to reach the higher soul and be healed. I looked around me and I found my clinic surrounded by tall shiny, glass buildings, taller and taller structures, and with no nature around. I felt deep pain by this sight, thinking what have we done as human beings…we are erasing the nature and building our homes, manipulating, hurting other humans and to achieve what, success, money, fame, status? Is this what we have become?

We are our ancestors, we have lived in an era before, then, all we needed was not a home, but the shade of the trees, the food from the trees and water from the flowing river, were we not happy then? Are we happier now?

The modern age era, has it really given us everything we need?

The questions just kept coming to me after the session, feeling the continuous pain within me , a familiar pain I have felt since I came here , and today I had to write, had to share, so that I can I get back to my grounding, and take care of myself, for those few souls who reach out to me, who need to be prepared in their own journey, to awaken within and help others to awaken from their pain.

Healing to you all !

-          Renuka Gupta, PhD (Author, Researcher)



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