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To find Love... Find Self Love....

A case where there was no love felt in one's own married partner, as his partner had taken the vow of celibacy, and when the person looked outside for love, he found it in another married person. His love was short lived ,he was betrayed, suddenly told that it is over, making him feel used, lonely, doubting if her love was real, as it felt real to him, he felt asthough he had found his soulmate...and he was right.

In trance, the guide came for him, his name was Kris, and told him, to learn "self love", as it is the reason why he was born again.

The betrayal from the other married person, was a necessary pain he needed, to find his way back to self love. There were certain debts, which he and the person with whom he had an affair had to pay in this life, for which they met.

The guide further told, he will be meeting the person for which he longs.. but right now he is not ready to meet the other person. He needs to meditate, find his way back to loving himself.

The guide told him, he is being guided, has been shown several signs by the universe, he is being watched and taken care of, and all will be fine. There is nothing to worry.

The guide said to move past the other female, who has been soulmates (souls born together life after life, in any form of relationship) for several lifetimes. The guide told, he (seeker) is strong and will move on, and then will meet his love in a year. His current married partner will be his best friend for life. He was asked to share and communicate with his married partner. His kids will be fine too. They are also being taken care by the guides. 

The seeker (client) was told by guide that "the therapist role is to help, heal, learn and reaffirm what is already known."

This is something, I completely believe in, as it is not just my seekers who find their answers, I too find my answers and I get reaffirmed for the thoughts I have for others life or self. 

The seeker was also asked to talk to the person who was to come in his future, talk while meditating, the messages will reach to her.

The seeker was lost, confused, in pain before the session, but he had clarity, stronger faith and healing when the session was done, and felt much lighter than what he felt since days, yearning for the person's love with whom he had an affair, thinking she was his soulmate for this life...

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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