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Why is Life an Illusion?

More from the regression done with the seekers (clients)

The Messengers Speak.....

"Peace a period before transition,

Quiet, rest

Gain energy before movement,

Growth "

Can you explain the process of removing the confidence blocked in a person?

"Cleansing energy, light goes within, pure white light, clean energy, as it flows , it pushes out that which is not needed. It soothes, and fills the empty spaces. It vibrates at a higher level, increases sensitivity and strengthens, a calming sensation. It is like peace flowing through. It is soothing, strong and powerful."

Many of my seekers (Clients) , have been healed on a physical and emotional level by various colors of light, moving around and within the body. For each seeker, the light either surrounds the whole body and works at full body level, or works with certsin parts of the body. The sensations felt by the seeker is so strong, that the whole body even on an external level us seen with subtle movements, some like waves and some like quick movements of hands, feet, head and shoulders . There are some seekers, who go through a deeper cleansing and healing process in the form of tremors. The whole body shakes, and this is after a confirmation from a medical doctor that there are no physical issues found in a seeker to cause these tremors. 

" The soul needs to be opened to receive. It is a connection that is always there, but the soul needs to open to receive. It will not enter without permission. It heals..."

There are few seekers, 1 or 2% who are unable to reach a deep trance state, nor receive messages during the regression. The point to be understood here is, the soul knows when the message needs to be given. It requires the seeker to be ready for the message to be received. Unless the seeker is at a energy frequency level within to receive the message, the soul in a human form, does not open up to receive the message, although the healing of mind and body can still be done without the opening of the soul to messages. This healing is done through energies around us, who work with lights and colors to heal the seeker. 

Message for the healer- 

"Light shines over you, your vibration, is higher and stronger. You are strengthened through your work. Thank you for opening souls to the light, your work is valuable. You have helped people that have been brought to you, they have needed help, one step at a time.

"Souls are reconnecting to the source. We are all one. Our strength is that we are all one. We have become blind to that, we need to reconnect and rejoin, embrace..."

" Create a huge embrace around the universe and the world, all is the same. Things appear different, but they are all same, they are all life and energy..nothing truly exists outside of that.  
Reality is within, outside is an illusion created. We are all one within."

Describe more about Illusion and reality difference?

" The attention. People have lost their wonder, people have no attention, they only take in what is easily seen, touched, said, the mind takes all that is easy and plays with it. They are not comfortable with the silence, with the quiet and complete silence where the energy is simply felt, where it talks to you without using words." 

In todays world the demarcation of Scientific vs. Non- scientific, is based on the fact that, what is seen is true, and the unseen, does not exist.

People forget many a times the unseen, is also something, which any human has still not explored, nor have yet the scientific capacity to deduce it, to find its existence. 

" Everything today is quick and disposible, life is neither quick nor disposible, it is eternal, it is not solitary, it is interconnected. 

"Everything that happens creates a ripple, people don't notice, they are too busy looking at things that catch their eye, that they can consume and dispose. 

"They forget the wonder, the creation, the seed that is planted, how it interacts with the earth and grows and brings joy and light. The child that is created by two people and grows and becomes what it is. It is all life. It's not instantaneous. Its not yours. Humans are supposed to look after it, guide it and teach it, but all they do is teach them to chase. They dont' teach them to cherish, they don't teach them to hear the silence, to see beyond the physical."

"People fight over words, without seeing the truth, people try to concur and destroy in the process. Life is not to be conquered, it is to give, it is to heal, to experience, to live. It is not about taking, when you give you receive." 

We all are aware, that when we help someone , even a small thing like helping an elderly to cross the road, makes us feel happy in that moment. That moment makes our day. 

"In todays world we are pushing for something unpleasant. Everybody are pushing each other, through a dark tunnel, devoid of anything." 

" There is a building going on, a building of light sources, like waves, there is a need for cleansing of all. 

"Some will die to cleanse, they need to die to rebirth. Others will be strengthened by light and will help the light to grow in others." 

" There is an awakening that is being built, an army of light.It is growing from the East. 

"I hear earth, Africa, India. People suffering from within. People suffering, will be where the energy of rebirth comes from. People closest to the earth physically, are still aware of the basic energies of the earth, not those who are slaves to technology, man-made products. Many can't see anything beyond that. People are too busy chasing the  quick."

Where is the awakening more right now, which part of the earth?

"Africa. "

The awakening is unseen, but felt. Many of us do know it from time to time. Keep moving ahead. Help each other, as that other is "You".

By ~ Renuka Gupta, PhD



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