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Yes you have heard it before (The Soul Voice)

Our soul keeps talking to us in dreams, intuitions, the gut feeling, when we are in deep thinking mode, silent and sitting alone, and have asked a question in our minds wanting to search for answers. 

It is not just during trance , meditation and prayers that we hear our soul voice.

Our souls have been communicating with us since our conception, babies listen to it more, while as we age and become adults we have habits like, to dismiss, ignore, or not acting on it out of fear of its consequences. That is why it is said, little children are fearless, fears begin later on as we age, pressing down the soul voice. 

Our soul is the light, love and connected to Source, God,Angels. What we all need to choose is, open our hearts, let the fears be replaced with Love and Compassion. When we shine, those who wish to shine will join us, and those who cannot will, shun us, Judge us, quieten us. 

But always, choose the light, that is who we are, let the darkness of closed hearts be left behind. Open up, speak, act... say what you think with all your love and compassion, not because you want to be heard, but because that is who you are.

Listen to your soul voice, a Healer Lives in you... 

 - Renuka Gupta, PhD



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