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HART - Healing Above Regression Therapy Course

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HART is : A Psychotherapy Spiritualogy Technique A Psycho-Hypnotherapy, A Hypno-Spiritual Therapy ​ •HART – Healing Above Regression Therapy is used integrative modality used with Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy. HART is a constantly evolving therapeutic approach, not a standard technique. it is more as a preparation for the Therapist, Healers, Doctors to do the Healing via this technique. ​ •Purpose of this therapy is for helping clients get answers for emotional, behavioral, Physical (Illness), and Mental health issues. Eligibility: Anyone above 18 years. Pre-requisite of Certification in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy. This Course does not have any exam, as it is a course to Find the healer (Medical, Alternative, Therapist etc...) within..... The Course is offered at a Discounted rate 33 USD, 70 % Off " A Healer Lives in You" @ Copyrighted LIVE Course Videos are kept for your refence in certain sections and or Extra Notes Section. Blessings Founder Dr. Renuka Gupta

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