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A Case helped via HART

A Case helped by HART

These are verbatim messages, as given by the Divine/God, using the voice of the research Participants, connecting to them in deep meditation / trance states. No background information/history about the person in question is given to research participant, for receiving these messages, Only their first name is given. The universe knows, who is that person for whom the message is being asked. These messages cannot be further explained or interpreted by therapist or the one who goes deep into the trance to connect to the Divine.

Therapist -

Guidance for Ray and Susan

What is their purpose and role with each other in a relationship ?

Divine Speaks -

"They are facing hardship as that is what has been chosen by their Soul, to grow and evolve through mirroring each other in the relationship. They have a soul contract to teach each other. They have been with each other for three life times".

Therapist - What are they here to teach each other? What is their learning?

"Their relationship has been unfulfilled in the past 2 lifetimes, because of their own actions. In this lifetime they have come together to end the soul contract, so that they are able to release the Karma of caise and effect that they have been goong through.

When they release each other, it is up to them, or when they are ready, to realize the lesson of tolerance of Love and compassion for themselves and other person in the relationship.

There is also a health issue which effects one of them ( being a claircognizant the immediate bame which came for me was of Ray) , if they are not able to let go of the energy and the negative patterns that they are holding onto.

This is crucial to express fully, to be able to release the emotions, because these emotions will otherwise turn into physical sickness, which then timatley forces the person to communicate with their soul. They need open communicaiton between themselves".

Message ends !

(The connector was so beautifully able to know the journey of both humans for whom the guidance was taken. It is asthough, an entire history about their Life was given before the session. But that is the essence of the relationship of the Connector with HART , eventually becoming the DIVINE MESSENGER !

Gratitude to
The HART Connector of Energies - Jasjit Maggu
HART by Renuka

Blessings !


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