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A different Sun...

Messages from the Golden Sun

"I am the golden sun, the brightest star of this universe. I come close to you and make my presence felt to each one of you. This is a beautiful place in the entire universe. It is where every soul can experience its true potentials. Once these potentials are recognized, they move to their respective planets and galaxies to work ahead.

Soul when it comes out of the divine, it gets disintegrated. Then when it decides to bring itself into a form, all the energy gets integrated together, although a soul sometimes is unable to make sense of its own capacity. When it enters the earth's plane and goes through what you call as 'experiences' on your plane, it starts discovering, rediscovering, uncovering its unique ways of dealing with those experiences.

Gradually when it goes through multiple lives on this earth's plane, in this 3 dimensional system, it is able to reach its own divine path, which is forgotten during the disintegration and reintegration process. The moment these things are recovered, you see them turning into things showing light on this planet. This is the spark of the divine that needs to be uncovered and that happens when a soul is able to regenerate its attentions values, systems, love , energy, all together to be one with the Divine.

It is in this plane of earth, wherein the light is discovered from the spark that we let enter this planet. A tiny droplet that was dropped by Divine through the soul, gets its purpose, its flow and it gives the soul the impetus, the pass to move ahead in journey of merging again with the divine."

Why is there a process of integration and disintegration?

"Everything is energy, and no energy is destroyed, but when an energy transforms into another form, moves out of its main source, it has to change form. The basic example that you have is ice, water and steam. In every form there is energy generated by the molecules of water, whether it is to solidify or to turn into gaseous form, everything is changing form and there is integration and disintegration happening simultaneously, ( The water remains a part of every form, just like the Divine is a part of every form.) So the same happens when the soul is away from the divine."

Why do souls choose to be away from the divine?

It is the divine itself who chooses to let go, one of its part, to see how the universe reacts when something is added or erased from the system. It is a very unique way of learning about life."

Why does the Divine/ God want to learn the impacts and effects of removing and putting something in a universe?

"It is the divines way of increasing its own attentions and increase its infinite wings."

Will this keep continuing for eras ahead?

"That is entirely his choice. As of now the system that has been laid will continue for many more generations and many more cycles of time."

You as a golden light, are you also a soul?

"I am an energy ball, I too have my own set of planets that revolve around me, the only difference between your sun and me is that I have grown and I have seen time in many many ways. Whereas your sun is still a young entity, which is still experiencing its own ways of dealing with its life."

Can you share your wisdom?

"Your Sun is a happy sun and moving towards its own youth, the piece of advice I want to give your sun is that, the essence of happiness that it stores, keep it alive as life grows. There can be times that some or the other planets might want to move away and get attached to some other system. There would be times that the entire universe wants to shift, and so the sun will also experience the shifts without even being the active participant. Welcome it, as it will lead you and your system of planets to a new horizon. This horizon might build you and your planets and its beings a very different being altogether, which the universe might not have experienced or witnessed."

Global warming as phenomena

"As u know that the sun is growing, the more your sun will grow, certain phenomenas will change, all the planets will regenerate the systems of protecting its beings and would evolve. The global warming that has been experienced by the members of your Earth is an essential part of your evolution, through this global warming there will be realization, rather there have been realizations in the mankind and the brains of the brilliant mankind is trying to protect itself through this process. They are soon going to regenerate and adapt to this pattern and global warming which looks like a challenge, will become an integral part of your growth."

Why do humans find certain relations to be traumatizing? What are they fearing?

"When I see from my plane into your systems, the manking has been complicating their own lives, by thinking that being their true authentic self is going to lead to hurting other people around them. They do not realize that, by being themselves in their true sense they are being an example to others to follow their heart. Till the time any man, women, child will not learn to be their self and express themselves authentically, they will keep fearing the actions of others and evaluating themselves in the eyes of others and demeaning in their own version."

"As you have been always guided Renuka, you need to work to enlighten the minds that come to you, and for all others it is their own learning.

What I can see from here is, there are many forms of light that are present around these ignorant human mankind. They are definitely going to be influenced by these beautiful rays of light very soon. Rather the process has already begun and so you can see many souls winding up their lives and moving away from the plane because somewhere the realization has alrrady crept in and it is their time to come again as more aware soul rather than staying in the sad unloving, unbearable lies.

Again death might look painful, but it is in its true form, a lot of revelation, satisfaction and divine awareness to the soul."

How is 2020 year for mankind?

"It's an 'Aha' time, a time to rejoice, a time to shift into a massive new beginning. The seeds were sown way back and now the sprouts are coming out and hence the crusts have been moving. So you have been seeing that there have been people who have been in pain, in tragic ending, but if you look around, you will now find people who are happy, who are connecting to each other to spread love. This is the beginning of realization that love persists in every situation, 'good or bad' as you term it on your plane.

The coming years for few would be challenging, who are not wanting to drift at the human level, the soul is pushing them hard. For the others who are open enough to receive the blessings will transcend easily into what we call the 5th dimension. The work has already begun, and there is a lot of love and light being showered by many Divine souls on earth. There will be very few moments where you will feel drowsy or you will feel less of energy to work.

There is going to be tremendous amount of energy all you need to do is, just be aware that the energy of growh is available and can be captured at any point of time whenever required. This is what we call a new beginning. A new beginning to a new way of life, which none of you would have experienced in this lifetime or even in the history of earth, have never talked about it. It is going to give new dimensional shift, rather perspectives to humans towards their ways of life. There are many energy centers on this planet, all have been ignited with more power and more energy to provide to every particle of this planet. We are pleased to see that many of you have started experiencing thise shifts and are now aware of this beginning."

Therapist - Renuka Gupta, PhD Intra-Inter Galactic Connector -Gurjot Kaur 3rd March 2020

The above session was done using HART, a Psychospiritual Therapy - (psychospiritual healing can be defined as: A therapy method that involves simultaneously engaging the body, mind, and spirit in healing mental health issues, moving beyond problematic life patterns, and overcoming traumatic life experiences)



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