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A HART Session

She has been my need based client, that is she comes when the need arises to have professional services with a touch of Spirituality.

She was not clear in the beginning of the session, as to which are the things she wanted to work upon, it is asthough she did not have anything serious enough to work at. So we began the HART session after 20 min of talking. In this session, she was taken to higher realms and she was guided to know her soul contracts. What is to be done in a HART session is not planned ahead, I meditate along with my clients and work on spontaneous intuition, which set the path for that client.

The session began with child Regression and then going to womb experience and beyond this life, going to a place before she was born on earth. The minute she was in her mother's womb, she sensed the most safe and happy feeling ever, which she never felt again in her entire life. In the present life, she had strict parents, who taught her to not be comfortable being happy, as it is somewhat unkind to others if one is happy all the time. She was also taught to live her life making others happy more than being concerned about her own happiness.

When she learnt through her soul contract that, the parents she chose in this birth all were a part of soul contract for her to reach where she is now and to exactly become the person who is sensitive to others pain, she was astonished. She was revealed that the pain she endured in her lifetime was to bring her on the path she is currently on in this life. She never had the idea that, as a soul we contract with other souls almost everything about our life. She never knew, we choose even the pain to occur in our Life.

She also learnt that she contracted with her ex husband, the pain she went through in that marriage. Currently she is happy with another person, but always felt that, she shouldn't bother him or burden him with the responsibility of her two kids. Now knowing her soul contract, she came to know her kids also have their contracts with the current person she loves, and this person is supposed to be a part of the kids life and help them in their life journey. The burden which this client felt as a mother, was released immediately knowing all this. She also came to know, she had to go through the pain with her ex, to be the person she needs to be, before meeting her current love. It was like two puzzle pieces fitting together now, after being carved through life experiences of each. The current person who loves her, also has a contract with her, to help her reach in Life, where she is in a position to help many walk their spiritual paths.

When she came back from the HART session, she was lighter, all smiling, and saying, "I never knew all this, and I cannot believe I had so many things within me to get resolved about."

HART sessions leaves different experience for different kind of people and as per the issues at hand.

Not all go deep in trance, but one thing I learnt in all these years is that, it is a misconception - the deeper you go in the trance and the more visuals or visions you have, it means is a successful therapy session. This is not true at all, the Soul knows how to heal you, your conscious mind alert or asleep, seeing visually or not has nothing to do with your healing... This is where I can say, HART is an extension of the Healer connecting to the client and through the client it connects to the entire universe, to bring the shifts and healing.

Words can never describe how HART works, but I always extend my gratitude each time for universal being to connect during these session to help so many earth beings.

😊🙏🏻🙌🏻 Blessings

Renuka Gupta, HART Founder



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