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Abandonment - The answer

Que - When one goes through feelings if abandonment in their life, what could be the reason? Is it past life karmic debt or past life trauma? How does one resolve it ?

Universe -

What is happening as an emotion at the present moment is a creation of our own mind/thoughts.

What we feel in our body, while the situation of abandonment is taking place, Is a habit we learnt in this or past lives.

If abandonment has been a common threat of many life times, it is because of ones own karmic cycle of not learning about how to deal with abandonment, and so the cycles repeat themselves, or it has to do with you as a soul, chosen to take birth to clear the ancestral karma for your family.


Que - How does one break this cycle?

Universe -

By breaking how this cycle makes one think. But again thinking cannot be replaced by another thinking, so the option or solution is the same for every problem on Earth, Acceptance of the abandonment situation, knowing that nothing is #permanent and this too shall pass, and eventually meditating and gaining the strength to observe the #ABANDONMENT, instead of latching our energies on our frequent thoughts. Meditate. Observe. #Accept. 🙏🏻

Just like we eventually have to accept a physical #illness till #death, some non #physical situations might be repetative in ones life, accept it. Not dread it, averse it or crave it ( all done by the mind), simply #OBSERVE it. 💟

Blessings and Healing to all !


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