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Angel of Nature Speaks

Topics of this Article are - The Climate, The colors of nature, the shifts on Earth, Climate change, Work of healers, 2020 Year

"A beautiful little Angel speaks today. Am the sister of Genie. We work to fulfill your dreams, it is fun being around here, we are very connected to the nature, the plants. We stay with you on earth. We fulfill everyones dreams. All the beautiful colors that you see in the sky, are all because we start creating our canvases, we want to paint it. That gives bliss to your souls. With the help of the moon and its rays we add colors to the plants and the flowers. We help the fruits to grow and fulfil all the nutrition that they require. 

It is all so amazing". 

Why cant we see you? 

"Because we dont want you to see us. 

As humans you have been taking care of your family, you have been taking care of everything that is around you, now is the time that we contribute to your life more and more and so it is the time when Genie told me that, you need to be more visible, so I came".

Message for Earth- Climate change. 

"There has been a very very huge shift in the atmospheric level , you will find certain places getting very cold, certain places getting very hot and the climate has been changing quickly very very fast, in every part of the world, it is because the earth is shifting so well. It is feeling happy, so it is adjusting itself to the new climate that it has entered. So everybody has to be very fast and quick in adapting to these climates. Everybody has to take care of themselves. They are all working towards it, so that most of you do not get affected by it, but yes ones who are wanting to create a huge shift in their lives they will get a little effected because they are running with the speed of time. So if they do not get effected, then they will not be able to release whatever was there, which does not require to move ahead of them. 

So you will find a lot of people visiting the hospitals again and again , it is completely ok, it will all subside, very peacefully. 

Work of Healers

We work on etheric level, but to bring to human consciousness, is the healers work. When you relay certain messages, it creates an energy field wherein our etheric work adds on in the energy field which creates the shift. So the work that goes on is always hand in hand. It cannot be in isolation". 

Earth and the moon were together in the picture I clicked, why? 

"We wanted to move it to other frame, but you captured it so well. It actually happens many a times on the earths plane, but not many witness this because it happens during the day. When the entire world is very busy running for their work. Nobody has the time to see. 

You captured it, because It gave you the assurance that you are now open to the secrets of this world". 

"We all from time to time in the world, need to be adding love, and not adding to hatred, because anything that you are passing will come to you. You are in 2020, it will come to you. 

Healing to you ! 

Renuka Gupta, PhD

Messenger of higher vibrational being - Gurjot Kaur Chandan. 



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