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Cosmos - Expand

What is the meaning of ultimate Fullness of COSMOS ?

These Expansions are eventually for which end result?

The plan is already known to our soul parts. The plan might be unclear to human consciousness... But we do know.

We connect to Divine Source in our sleep and meditations. It is just that we are not aware of it, As we never have asked this que to ourselves. Not many are able to see a Life beyond the routine, or beyond their Country, or beyond Earth.

As the higher beings always say, when you ask, we answer.... 😇..

As a Claircognizant being, I always felt deep within, all these expansions of Cosmos is only to eventually make every soul realize that, it is endless....

So if you are tired of this endlessness, you can come back to Nothingness, our original Soul Home.

If it is expanding somewhere in the cosmos, it is contracting somewhere too. The Cosmos is constantly balancing.

If there is a creation, it is balanced with destruction....

The eventual expansion of Cosmos is realizing that, if we do not create, there is nothing to end.

The Space where there is no longer a creation and so no longer a Destruction is the space of Nothingness, our Home..


Renuka Gupta, PhD, RP, CHT, PLRT, Founder of HART



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