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Council of Light from the Court of Order Libini speaks today

Topics are - Death as experienced by Animals and humans, How to Perceive Death?, How to say goodbye to the dead?

Connector - "I see white beings, wearing white robes." 

"We are the council of light." 

Therapist - "Welcome back" 

"We keep seeing people on Earth, even the higher saints that you all pray to. For many it is very difficult to separate their emotions from themselves, especially when it invovles their people, their family members or somebody they like and love. One has to achieve that stage of separating it, such that life and death does not matter at all, this is one learning that all mankind has to learn. 

For the animals, birds and plants, if they see that somebody who they are close to dies, example for an animal, if their offsprings die at a very young stage, even they show emotions and they show love to each other. It is called 'practical time' where they leave their offspring to carry on with their own lives. Even for animals it is difficult to see death, but they are quick ones, they would brood for a day or two or max a week, especially for the mammals that are very intelligent like the whale. 

While for humans it is a task, because you keep on attaching yourself to the ones who have left or to the ones who have just arrived (new borns), so much that, they become a burden for both the souls. 

The ones who have arrived and specially the ones who are dead, and the ones who have not left this plane, it becomes very difficult for all of them, for the intial few days on the earth's timeline and space.  

The ones who are born, for them it ( the life on earth) comes as a burden. As you all know a child is aware of its roles and the purpose of why the child has taken birth, in a particular set of circumstances. As we put ourselves on them, our expectation ,our relations on them, the child feels burdened all through the growing up years. We believe that this message should now move to the world that attachment needs to be redefined, many would ask you (therapist), how can you be so insane that you do not attach urself to other person, that is what this 'second stage' of learning on Earth is right now. 

The moment you discover your self, it is this detachment that all of you need to work upon at the same time, functioning at the human level, laying emotions, laying with the circumstances, will lead you to achieve true oneness with the Divine source." 

"Death is a part and parcel of every dimension, every space where there is life and you know that life is everywhere, it is just that the presentation or the manifestation differs in each dimension. What is necessary fot earth beings to understand about death is , it is not the end of learning. The learning continues and there are many possibilities that many of you will choose to end lives which you will see in the coming years.

There would be many who have not planned it this way but might choose death, looking at the pain, some lower vibrational beings would be going through.  

Death needs to be understood as a new beginning and not as an end. This is a huge misconception on this planet, that death is the end. 

 Death is a point, where once we become a soul form (a human dies) , we go to a space, with blessings and company of other higher souls, who are aware of that soul's existence, who in turn also receive the wisdom which is shared by the one who has come out of its physical form and become the soul. 

Rather than weeping on their death, for them leaving you as an enegy being, those on Earth, can send blessings to this soul, to accept the learnings that comes from these illuminating souls (higher beings) who are full of wisdom. 

Life, if it is difficult on this plane, on earth, it is equally difficult for a soul to reassemble itself in a soul form and at the same time absorb the new conditions that are set. Although the souls are saved from the emotional traumas and dramas that go on this planet, but there are serious challenges which they need to overcome. When there are blessings sent from this planet Earth even by one person , who genuinely wants progress of the other person, who has left this world, that soul gets immense power to overcome the challenges because ultimately all of you belong to the same soul group. So if one soul exceeds in completion of the challenge it was sent for, the entire soul group evolves." 

"So keep that in mind, stay grounded so that you just double your evolution speed to reach us very soon." 

By Renuka Gupta, PhD

Intta-inter Galactic connector Gurjot Kaur

Using HART Technique



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