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Council of Light Queen Rivasana Speaks again...

Solution for Coronavirus

"The solution has already begun, the work of coronavorus is over. There are new discoveries that have already landed on this earth and in the minds of humans. A lot of shifts have happened even in the existence of the animals and the plants."

Work is done means?

"The virus was brought into your reality, it was put into the minds of people who created it and it came into existence. It was always present, the dicovery happened very recently and it started impacting.

At times when you say ignorance is bliss, this is what it is. The moment it came into awareness, a lot of massive shifts that were pending on earth started happening."

What are these massive shifts?

"Let us start from the beginning

2018 was the time when all the karmic cycles came to an end. Anything that was very major in their Karma that had to be completed, were shown in everyones reality. Everyone means, all living and non living organisms on this planet.

Even the Earth was forced with finishing all the karmas that she has not completed. Same process happened in the lives of all humanity. When you reflect back or when you ask people how was 2018 for each of them there are karmas that came right in front of them , they had no choice but to deal with it.

Then came the presence of 2019, wherein it was essential to learn the lessons from the karma's that they responded to. They were a lot of ups and downs for everyone. Even the ones who had a lot of success had nowhere to go. There was an end to everything. There were very less possibilities that could have been explored and it happened because these shifts happened on a planet, when it was ready to move to a new beginning, a new phase of life.

Example, a women who is pregnant has to go through the 9 months, similarly for earth the last 6 years has been like that and now it is the time of delivery, wherein the earth has to go through a lot of pain, but at the end of it, it is a beautiful life that comes in your hands.

2020 is a time when everybody will go into extreme situations, they will have to face their fears, they will have to face all that they consider is negative. The extreme will, rather has already come into existence. Did any one of you, especially the humans had thought that the entire world would go for a shut down?

That is what coronavirus did. It changed the perspective of looking into your own lives, the lives of your family , the goals that you set, everything went for a toss. This lockdown that each country is facing and the death rate all of you are aware of, is a reminder to you all that, life is unpredictable and with this unpredictability you still have to make peace. With this unpredictability you have to learn to be happy in your situation. You also need to get back to the ones who are important for you and not just get into your mundane routines."

"So was the scene with the animals, they were constantly running for food, sleep, laziness. If you talk to people who worked with the animals the photographer, microbiologist, zoologist, they would actually talk about how even the life of animals have been very lazy ,as per the data they have read of the 70's and 90's.

Even the growth of natural things that is the crystal, the plants, the fossils is a very natural process, but that had also come to a stand still. The productions that were renewable resource of energy was also coming to a stop. All this life had to be shifted".

"We would not blame the mankind who suddenly increased their numbers to interfere in each of these domains on the planet. It was also the choice of the other elements to not fight back.

Even now when you look around life has started forming a new pattern altogether. There are shifts even in the organisms, of land, oceans visible, invisible. Each of them got their space which was naturally provided to them.

During the creations, there was no fight of existence, everything was provided, everything slowed down with this virus and it is slowing down each one of you, each of these beings around felt their own importance. They are learning how important it is to be themselves, to look for their own living , to care for their own self.

We see that many on your plane have been constantly sharing pictures of animals walking on the street, the whales and dolphins coming near to the sea shore, whereas earlier people could hardly see them.

All this is because, it is their space which was naturally provided to them and this gives them a sense of where they belong and what new they need to learn now.

All need to Co-exist

We all feel like all if you on the earth's plane need to learn to co-exist , co-existence is the new reality. Respecting each others needs is the new realty, working for each others welfare is the new reality and not curbing them.

Coronavirus got Selfish too
If you see mankind had gone so selfish, that even the coronavirus went selfish , it wanted to spread and create it's space in your reality and that is what it did, it locked you down into your own houses. It locked you down into your own countries. It overpowered each one of you, the fear that got instilled in each persons mind and space."

Solution to Corona continues

"The solution to corona is the next stept to awakening. The fear that was instilled in your own mind has made you come closer to ur own existence , your sou. With whatever little inner or outer contribution each one of you have been doing in this time, is now making Corona to go away.

Leaders and other powerful humans who take advantage

In next step in your reality is, all the over powerful humans who are in power, who feel they are the kings and queens of this world and who are taking advantage of people, they also have to learn a lesson, which now is not necessary for you (therapist) to know, you are already been told about what is coming forth by your awareness, it will also teach rigid mentalities how to function, if they learn to shift."

Mass evacuation
Many things will become completely deleted. People who are filled with power will learn as to what is coming forth, if they choose to stay on the earth's plane.
For those in the dark, it is not yet time for them to receive answers on how to deal with coronavirus, it is for them to work towards finding answers to heal. Those who are rigid, and deny that there is a Divine energy asking them to look within, shift within, will choose to remain in the dark leading to their soul choosing to exit from earth's plane.

The same is happening with all the beings of this planet. If they want to be rigid, they will face the circumstances.

Earth also has to come to an ease during this process of self isolation due to virus. ( if we look around, Earth is breathing better due to the air quality, the plants are happier, less of Co2 to be inhaled by them, the animals are returning to co-exist with us).

Everyone is taken care by the universe."

The coronavirus vaccination

Many countries are competing to get the vaccination out. Is the vaccination going to be out, will it be serving a good purpose?

"That is rising and it has to rise. Vaccine is going to come out, even though it is harmful.

We always see what you (humans) can create, with the blueprints that you have come with, so it is not at all difficult for us to accept, what your mind can possibly do, but it is your human mind that has to look for possibilities, as each possibility brings a new horizon in your life.

This is what is happening with all of you, especially the ones who are working with serving people in a certain way, whether it is physical needs, emotional needs, psychological needs or spiritual needs, you just have to look for possibilities of intervening."

Looking for possibilities of intervening?

Guide to health professonals
"When it comes to providing guidance to seekers (clients, patients) that come to you( doctors, therapist, alternative practitioners) many close their doors saying that their intervention, or continuing a treatment with that seeker ( client or patient) further would not make much difference.

There is one thing that all of you need to understand that a seeker only comes to you when he or she requires your energy ( wisdom, treatment). In that manner, it is also the animals, plants, micro-organisms that come to you, they all need your energy and that energy needs to be distributed than to be kept to yourself. When this energy of you as a healer comes in interaction with the energy of the seeker, it create newer avenues for both of you. So do not stop. ( Looking at my own life, I clearly see how these very HART trance sessions have lead to my own evolution, and every seeker gives me back something more as a wisdom, which I keep spreading onto others)

There is no singular way of functioning with a therapy modality .Many therapies can be merged together to create an approach for a seeker who requires it.

For those healers who are connected to their soul, there is constant guidance provided by the healer for all seekers.

Do not be a sacrosanct, that this will work and this will not, be open to options that will also keep your egos in control and your grounding will improve."

Earth is shifting now

"Through your (Therapist- Connector) sessions, I also see the earth rising up, she has never risen to this level, of directly receiving the energy from us. There is a beam of light going deep inside the crusts and the layers of the Earth. Cleansing and cleaning the areas which are required. It is also the willingness of the earth to create that shift. If the earth was rigid, there would have been no shift."

Therapist I ask all souls on this plane to be willing and accepting as the Divine source

"Blessed" !

After the session the connector revealed-
"Earlier vision of Earth seen was usually the light penetrating the Earth, but this time, the earth moved from its axis / space, rose up and connected to the light."

By Renuka Gupta, PhD

Inter- Intra Galactic Connector Gurjot Kaur

Trance session done using HART. We do these sessions for Mankind, Animals, Earth and all universal beings. Due to the purity of intention existing in both, we are constantly guided by the divine beings. Our role is not to receive fame or success, but to make this message be received by all beings and let all heal and evolve together.

Healing to all !




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