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Countries wake up...

(This article is a message from the Divine. I do deep hypnotherapy work using HART with my Research Participants to receive messages which I share as articles. This article is to be taken as a wake up call for Countries, rather than being criticized for being biased, religious, non scientific etc etc etc. May all heal. Blessings !)

Earth messenger speaks about the future of Countries

Therapist - Which are the countries going through destruction with fire and water, shifts and rebirth ?

"Australia, only that which is not willing or able to grow and be reborn in love and expand the light will be destroyed. Only that which cannot expand the light and live within the new vibrations will go.

Only the dead weight will go. Only that which cannot merge into to the light and rejoice in it will go. It is only that which is dead that will go.

The living, the light, the vibrations all that is positive will not be touched. They may feel the impact, but they will not be touched. The movement is towards light. Tilling of the soil, the cuts must be made to allow life to continue."


"Asia, there is a dark, dark darkness growing all over Asia and Africa, enough with the wars, enough with the evil. The earth will quake, the earth will expunge, the waters will wash away, that which will not vibrate higher will be destroyed, enough of all that weight."

Therapist - Which are the places in Asia where destruction will take place?

"Iraq, Iran, Korea, India, Singapore, Algeria, Lebanon, Israel, beware of israel the turmoil will grow in israel.

The rigidity of Islam, Anger. Humanity selfishly uses religion in many forms to commit atrocities, nothing of that has to do with life. Nothing has to do with a will of god. The energies (higher beings) have had enough of the killing of the washing of people, the stupidity the anger, the killing of souls, the sheer stupidity of all, it is like a fleash, wounded, porous. It needs to be cut out for the rest to survive.

Enough, a purging needs to occur, deep purge. Stop the evil, the killing. Fill the voice with love and peace. It is so easy to fill it with peace. It is so easy, people will all be open.
Let the light shine...

There is a need to honour light, to honour life, need to fill the earth with everlasting love."


It has a culture, a stream of darkness that strangles many humans, it feeds humanity the vices of the flesh, vices of addictions. It runs in dark places, the fluidity that is frightening. It exists and expands something needs to be done to contain it, destroy it, not allow the darkness to expand. It is like, on top everything looks ok, but underneath there is filth, abuse, torture and darkness, it needs to be contained and expunged. Unite to send prayers and light, guide the few lights in singapore and follow them to grow. The light will fill the darkness, it has to expunge the putridness of it all. It is like a thick dark oil, it needs to be contained and destroyed. The light needs to shine on it and absorb it.


It is hungry, many suffer from abuse and hunger. Eyes need to be opened. Eyes and hearts need to be opened. There needs to be an embrace of all."

Therapist - Countries which will fight in the name of religion ?

"Iraq expands. Muslims.

Antartica, (client - "something in antartica, i dont understand", sometimes messages are not understandable as the clients own vibrational level is not high to receive such a message, although in time it gets revealed)


"Canada is weak, Canada is like a toy, it goes back and forth, it has no direction. There is a native awakening, a rebirth of the earth and the connection with the earth, which is old and growing. Politically it is a pawn. Like a ball which is being tossed, it has no direction. It is like a raft in the middle of the ocean, it doesn't do anything. It gets played with like a cat with a ball. It is at the mercy of the USA."

"West and North is where natives are working. BC and Yukon. Particularly in Yukon. Their existence is at the mercy of nature, by and large, which strengthens the ties with the Earth, and makes them stronger. The forests and mountains in BC, spread the wonder of the earth, the energy of the earth.

Victoria, Vancouver island, summer hill, Canada

The natives, have a strong vibration, all the natives across the world. The canadian natives, the remaining natives in south America, the Amazon, Peru, they are like old souls reliving, rebirthing, expanding.

Holy places, native holy places are opening with energy, we need to keep them open.

Canadian Tundra, the further North, the stronger the vibrational energies. There is a huge strength growing in Canada, Native strength. It is finally starting to break from the shackles of time and coming back, the rivers." 


"The USA is in complete turmoil. The natives in Canada are the heart and the sole energy that protects canada. There is a bit of that in the USA, but it is much smaller, not strong enough.

(Find Europe prediction in my previous article MESSAGES FROM THE WHITE ANGELS.......)

By Renuka Gupta, PhD

Using HART Technique, a Psycho-spiritual, Spiritual-Hypnotherapy approach.



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