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Universe speaks - Future of Countries 2023 and beyond

These are the messages received on 16th May 2023 EST, from the #Universal #Source, the #Divine, #guiding us all beings on #Earth, by letting us see the fate of each country and how our actions together can change this fate for better or worst.

The technique used here is HART. HART Research has been ongoing since 2015 and bringing multiple messages to Earth. Visit the website #Blog/Post section to read more articles. All that was revealed by the universe over the years, have turned true, be it for each country or an Individual person who needed guidance. #HART also offers individual guidances, visit this page to learn more about it.

#Awaken to the #Nothingness within there is nothing on the outside which can bring you to face your deepest core truth. #Blessings!

Inter-galactic Connector- Gurjot Chandan today brings these messages about Each country and Earth in general for you.

"The shift in the world is very evident, the crime rates in Africa are going to go even higher, till the people kill themselves. It is the lowest space (Spiritually) where they can be at. In the upcoming time, there is going to be a massive change in the way they reside and live their lives, but there is little more time for that.

Australia is going to experience increasing financial crunch, economic downfall, it will be a time where, rich will be richer and the poor will be poorer. It might seem that everything is alright from the outside, but the political system is eating itself, eating its own people. There the people are more trapped by the restrictions kept by the governments than in any other country.

Japan is going to have tremendous growth and very soon they are going to sell their products to other countries, this will empower their relationship to other countries. They are not a threat, rather they are going to be a source of light, growth and expansion.

The borders of Bangladesh have increased terrorism which will impact the neighbouring countries to some extent. Bangladesh will go out to beg for food and living. The decline in the economy is impacting them gravely.

India comes as a stronger country and everybody wants to have alliances with India. Although there are darker forces attacking the borders of Rajasthan and Gujarat, but it will be resolved in time.

Some very strong spiritual energies are uplifting the country of India from the southern part of India, it is spreading all over the country. The popular belief will now be reinstated that, if a community is spiritually advanced ,it grows and helps all others towards positive development.

Some countries in Europe will find balance between their population, they will be more open to accepting others within their countries. Soon the oppressors will be opening their arms for people of the developing countries and come forward to help them. It is a time of change, growth and a lot of mixing of the population is going to take place, because now the boundaries between people due to country or religion shall start dissolving. You will see more intercountry marriages and acceptance will be more world wide.

Therapist - How is Greece ,Italy and UAE ?

Italy still has time for awakening, but there are changes happening, although not very visible.

Greece is going through a darker time, the cold is going to increase, which will be a reason for movement of the population or death of the population. This will give rise to newer space.

There are going to be tactonic movements in the Earth's plane, which will lead to merging of certain places in the European countries.

However their links with other countries will enhance, due to newer physical connections developing.

Dubai will remain the construction concrete jungle. The kings and the queens will be more lenient towards their population, but they will be enforcing their laws more strictly, as they also want to control their poualtion, but it is not that bad, the authorities working under the kings, will be working towards removing the darker forces which are covered in the name of religion, which soils the mind of people. All of the dark forces shall be removed in time.

Syria and israel will continue go through the time of great depression, they will keep falling apart till the time they recognize the importance of feminine energies and respect those energies. It is time for working from the space of equanimity.

Mexico soon will be producing a lot of crops, due to the change of the environment and these crops will not be hybrid ( which has been detrimental for our health since the late 1980's) , but organic (Pure original nature breed) which will change the route of corrupted food that is available in the market. So the neighbouring countries will be benefitted by the change in the agricultural systems.

The leadership in Canada will allow more of locals who were immigrants in one time to involve in political systems and governments. This will again help the people to reestablish themselves and change the way the country works, but there is still a lot of darkness in the center of Canada.

The leaders feel that they are not impacted by the darkness that they are spreading around, that is funny, because if you are throwing garbage on a specific land, one day you are yourself goo6ng to be imapcted by it, as you are standing on the same ground, and witnessing it all, your feet will all be soiled, your clothes will also be dirty and stinky. This needs to be realized by the people and the governments, all this will still take time.

North America and South America will continue to decline, a lot of people who have established themselves will go back to their countries, as they will see they have greater opportunities in their own countries, than on this land. This will help the local Americans to have a reality check as to how they have got accustomed to being lazy. This shift will happen and will be visible in the coming ten years.

The water levels are rising. The glaciers are melting, but do not be scared, this has to happen. There is nothing to worry, there are lot of positive signs that are spreading, there is a lot of spiritual awakening that is happening, people accepting a path where they work from non-biaseness and towards the upliftment of every being around them.

There will be more number of families that will have pets or will choose a life.where they will be surrounded by animals and nature. It is the beginnibg of a greener planet.

Blessings and Healing

HART Founder - Dr. Renuka Gupta


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