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Dedicated to Healers of Mind, Body, Soul...

We all are well aware and accepting of the Physical healers and their practice of Medicine. As we move ahead in this 21st century, a movement towards integrating knowledge of Body, Mind and Soul is slowly taking its shape in thoughts and ideas brought forward by the influencers in this century. Many of these influencers are also from the Medical fraternity.

We see in many people a sense of curiosity, acceptance of what is still not seen or rather dicovered by Science. Isn't it true, what we did not discover in 19th century or before, did exist even then. So the question arises, are we still going to wait for a scientific discovery, to believe in things which are experienced by millions on this planet Earth in this very moment ?

I see the demarcations between science and beliefs are slowly getting reduced and the ideas of both fields seems to be merging. We all still have a long way to go, but today the belief in the non- scientific knowledge, is getting noticed, and more and more humans are no longer waiting for a scientific explanation or a research to understand what they have been experiencing through their sensory organs.

More and more are becoming vocal about their experience, no longer fearful of how they might be perceived by the so called "Normal" in the population. 

The healers are not just the ones who work with Body, but also the Mind and Soul. Just like the medical healers, where each field has proficient and inefficient healers, the Mind and Soul healers also have proficient and inefficient healers. 

So choose wisely your healer. Do not base your experience on one or two healers, find the one that best fits you as a healer for Body, Mind and Soul. In my experience a healer who does not use or no longet use any kind of external substance in their life Journey, like  Drugs, Psychedelic Drugs, Marijuana/ weed, Alcohol are more Proficient, as they are more alert, aware ,see and know things as they are and not under the influence of these substances.

So choose your healer wisely. 

Healing to you all ! 

By Renuka Gupta , PhD



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