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Divine Golden Beings Speaks

"We are the beings of the Golden light"

T - Hello again

Earth's crust

"We connect with you to source, the energy of comfort , of ease on this constant shifting place.

Deep inside the Earth, the crusts are turning, the layers of the earth are moving, a certain aspect of the minerals that are stored deep inside, that are turning upwards to the surface.

Beings of Earth's Core

The tactonic movements in the Earth are the result of this tremendous energy that the Earth is now pouring on the life above it and the life which is at the center of the earth. You will soon find more messages from the center from the beings that live there, as they are the highly evolved ones.

Illusions will soon break

The connections with the Earth and its life here, will now start building up more and the are concentrated efforts that are being made by the beings from the center of the Earth. All of this is going to expand the horizons of a human mind, which still is operating with layers and layers of false beliefs which the mind has created. This illusions will soon break, but this 'soon' is going to have a lot of ups and downs for every living organism on this earth.

Turning inward and connect to the Heart

Through this process which the Earth is going through, especially the humanity is facing a lot it of challenges, while the others are quite accepting and are changing their forms, but it is the human. Mind that is resisting. There are constant messages that are coming to you, that the mind now has to turn inward and connect with the heart to create a balance. This balance is necessary to connect to the source energy, which in a way will bring stability inside every being , especially the mankind.

(A mental health professional, Nikhil Kaistha , who is also an Akashic Reader, also came across the same messages just like my research participant in deep HART trance relayed the messages on that same day. Both were unknown of each others message on that day. The resemblance to both messages is phenomenal. Which clearly shows how synchronicities work and how much this message is important for all beings on Earth)

Blessings showered

We shower the Golden light up and in every layer and filling the entire place with more sincerity, harmony, faith, bliss and love. All of it will also help in converting the energies of fear into something which will be more fruitful in terms of accepting the change.

Connect to essence of your soul

The Life trajectories have changed, the ones who will now connect with the essence of their soul and will live in the moment and not in the past or future, will be the ones who will find it easy to float through the harsh waters. These waters are only harsh for them who are flowing against the current. Keep in mind the name of the Lord and accept yourself in the moment is what we have come to tell you.

Memories are being erased for many

Loss of memory, is also a part of ascension. The images of the past that are not required now will all gradually vanish in most beings. Those images will just have away because the energies which you all have started to live in are very light which leads you to float, images that one is holding, brings one down. This is a very conscious effort by the energies of earth, to let it all fade away."

T - How to function in the outside world, with all that is happening within me, like feeling pain, fears which are not mine, but i sense more now ?

"As you take a journey in the outside world , you are only required to bless them and source the Divine light. You are only hearing the sounds of fear, anxiety, pain of those creatures who have certain blocks in connecting to the sources energy. Whenever you visit, make a conscious effort of blessing all of them. In any place you are, and you sense these energies they are coming to you because, they want relief. Bless them, let the source energy go through you to all of them.

Consuming Plant based food, its benefits

Plants to be consumed for optimum health and healing within. As the Earth and the energy of the earth is changing, so are fruits and vegetables that are grown around are changing. If you want to survive with the changing Earth, you need to consume more plant based food. To much preventing or cooking will lead to hazardous health problems. The meals have to be very simple. You can consume food that are green, yellow, red, golden in nature.

The simpler the form of the food that is consumed, the higher the immunity of the body is. With every good that you consume feel grateful, as it is coming to you through the Earth. As you will be grateful, you will be able to readily absorb the energies of this earth. The micro nutrients that are required for the build up of the human body will stay absorbing the energies. The oxygen in the body, which brings the messages from the Divine realms, the messages of awareness and the things that keep you more active and in the moment will also develop, the heart space will expand.

Milk as a food

Till it comes from the source which is not manipulated, it is good to consume, but if the production is being manipulated, if the composition is changed, or it is induced into three bodies through artificial methodologies you already know that it turns harmful. There are means of consuming it through plant based. Plants are readily accepting various compositions and the merge very well with it.

Plant based milk like coconut milk, almonds milk, soy milk. Also can consume almond butter, peanut butter to fulfill those micronutrients that you are expecting from them and it's sources.

Acceptance of self and each other

All that the Earth is wanting at the moment is acceptance of each other as they are, and being in the moment. Not forcing others to be something else.

It holds true for every creature on this planet. Wheather it is supporting your growth or just living besides you, having a parallel growth process.

You both have be chosen to keep contributing towards upliftment of others so all have the same journey. The path also be throws it's own unique challenges. Till now both of you have dealt with all of them with efficacy."


"When any soul asks for a life without desires, and wants to be in this kind of space, it becomes all the more powerful. When they are ready to give this power away, the are blissful and the devine acts how it wants to act through the body that you are. The souls energy is then not seperate from the Divine energies. At the same it channels those energies for the upliftment of everyone, in and around."

(Many Earth bound souls were released in today's session during the final blessings sought towards the end for all Earth beings- revealed after the session.)

By Renuka Gupta, PhD, HART Founder Gurjot Kaur, Inter-Intra galactic Connector



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