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Divine White Light beings

Higher realms of the violet and white light

Divine energies speak

"This is white light connecting with you today. We are a constant part of connection and of upliftment of every beings here.

It looks like one light, but it is made of billions of light beings , reaching out to billion of beings of this planet and the entire solar system.

Purpose of White light beings

Purpose of white light is constant healing. We are present here on the Earth, Solar system and Galaxy. When a child gets hurt and the child cries due to the wound, before any adults come and rescue them, it is the beings of Divine white light there, who caress the child.

Child and Adult sensing these beings on Earth

A child has a sense of these beings and knows they are protected, hence there is a sense of calmness that goes through a child and makes them believe in the creation. For adults, the mind is conditioned to not believe into something which is not seen, into something that is not tangible. So there is constant blockages which comes through and these white being energies are not sensed.

Who are these White beings of light

We are the most lightest forms of energy, when this form of energy touches you, it does not give any kind of movement, as it automatically assimilates the universe. Although the cells, atoms of the body do understand and even the electrical currents going through the body, like goosebumps is a realization of presence of energies, than what a person can make sense of, or cognitively understand.

The three eclipses

In the present, with all the shifts taking place and also the alignment of the planets there are three eclipse happening in a row, it has a lot of significance in the movement of life in the entire solar system, especially on Earth. The challenges that you already know were intensified to make you more firm in your decisions. Those who were not firm, these challenges make them realize about the aspects they need to work upon.

Eclipses of 2020 and the shifts

With the passing of this eclipse, you found the worst kind of experiences began on the first day of the year. The rest of the year will be set into applying the lessons that were learnt in the first six months. The application is going to be smoother for ones who diligently learnt their lesson. For the ones who are still rigid within, they continue to face worsened situations in the coming times, with more shifts. There is going to be a constant assimilation taking place.

Orbit and Gravitational force shifts

The orbit of the orb has also shifted due to éclipse. This happens when there is an interaction between other major bodies of the planet, as they all find equilibrium with each other. This time when the third eclipse come, the equilibrium will be settled between the three of them. There is also a shift in the gravitational force, which you will realize in the coming few years. The gravitation now will be a little more lighter.

Embrace it all, do not hide

We are connecting today to send this message to each one of you. This time is to work on yourself, when you embrace the situations, embrace meaning, all has to be experienced and faced, the positives and the negatives. If you hide from these experiences, it will transform into a difficult maze, where one will then be lost in the direction and not find their path. Whenever any beings that connect and give messages to mankind, it is for each person's benefit.

Those who are evolving and those who are blind

There are few beings of this planet that will move, evolve, as they are not standing as their own enemies. Many who are blind to changes around them, they will fall on their path, and receive wounds which will take a lifetime to be resolved. When you are aware of your own deeds and decisions, you also are very conscious about what you see in a person. When you connect within and start living, you resolve many complicated mazes into a straight path.

The phase of extreme emotions

Extreme emotions in mankind, all you need to do is experience it. The more extreme the emotions turn, the quicker it resolves. The more you hide them, keep them boxed, they turn their form to make you more wounded. These emotions are coming as it is the time of extreme dualities. So you will experience extreme happiness and other extreme emotions. These emotions will not stay longer, when they are completely experienced, they will change the form.

Healers work from Heart

The healers who are working from a space of heart will ascend more in their lives, as with their hearts, they are healing others as well. We are taking care of healers who are working from the space of heart. Whether they practice medicine, energy healing or other modalities, they all are being taken care of by us, who work from the space of heart.

Crystal for Healers

Hematite, Selenite combined. Keeps on soul path and protects from these extremities, but whatever has to be experienced has to be experienced, it will not be taken away from any being of this planet. You have to go through, what you have to go through. You have made contracts as a soul which needs to be completed in this time, so that the movement is better.

More on Crystals in our next trance session.

Renuka Gupta, PhD, founder of HART

Gurjot Kaur, inter-intra galactic connector



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